Kensington’s First Year Pictures

We love our photographer! Anyone in the Dallas area with young kids: ModlPhotography is AMAZING! She did Kensington’s newborn pictures and we’ve been back every 6 months since LOL When Kenz turned one we wanted to memorialize it with a cake smash and some family photos and per usual she didn’t disappoint.

In honor of her “Alice in One-derland” birthday party we did some blue and white pictures. She was so cute!!! Laura said she’d never had a kid turn and ride the chair like a pony…thats my kid. haha.

We wanted to get some family pictures (and make it look like she loved her brother before he was even here LOL). Not to mention, she wanted me to model this FABULOUS dress and I jumped at the chance.


She set up this beautiful cake smash set…which Kenzie quickly destroyed.


She looked so blissfully happy though – it was TOTALLY worth the sugar crash that happened two hours later.


At the end we got this adorable milk bath picture with these super pretty flowers. She still has icing on her face but *shrug* who cares?



Infant Photography Shoot

Infant Photo shoots are obviously becoming super popular (at least in the south). People do everything from specific themes, to naked pics, to some pretty hilariously awk-taco photoshoots of the whole family, With Kensington being born we of course caved and did one. We were SO blessed though because our AMAZING photographer was looking for more material for her website so the shoot itself was free (see her page & some more of our pics here).

My husband and I wanted some of the whole family of course so we could look back and see us all around this time in our lives:

We absolutely LOVED how they turned out! Laura is amazing at not just taking beautiful baby pictures but also pictures of adults & whole families. We were also blessed enough to have my mom there so we were able to take some of THREE GENERATIONS of strong women.


Then of COURSE we took close to a BAJILLION of our little angel (spoiled…definitely).

We also signed up for a year long program with Laura so all of Kensington’s milestones will be documented as well – so look forward to seeing those over the next 12 months. I highly recommend Laura if you’re in the Dallas, TX area.



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