Prioritizing your health

I get asked all the time how I fit so much into my day: Corporate Job, Fun Job, 2 young kids, working out, cooking, regular chores, maintaining a social life, etc. There is nothing special about me (I’m not a vampire who doesn’t need sleep or food, I don’t have a time turner to fit more into 24 hours) but I do have some tips to help you prioritize that which is important to you. Don’t worry if your priorities are different than mine, the same general rules apply.

  1. Figure out what is important to you. What are your “life conditions”? For me its Time with my family (including healthy meals), exercise, and earning a living. Everything else is secondary.
  2. Prioritize what is important to you. This is where most people struggle – they think “I want to workout” but then don’t. My husband is a prime example of this (when it comes to working out). Some things I do is I make a personal contract with myself. If I tell myself I’m going to workout at 5 am tomorrow (gah the early exercise regime) – I put it in my phone, I write it in my planner, and I set an alarm. When my alarm goes off, and I undoubtedly don’t want to get up, I remember my contract. If I had promised a friend I would workout with them would I flake? No. So why would a promise to myself mean any less? If you decide you’re going to do something, enter a contract with yourself that you won’t break. Once you do your mentality will totally change (at least mine did). 327C67B1-5BD9-4375-AFE3-CC11DE8E91A5
  3. Make a planner. I don’t care if it is digital (I use Awesome Note), on paper (see my post on Bullet Journaling), or a combination of both (which is what I do), but “write” it down. I have a task that pops up on my phone daily at 6 am called daily routine which includes: Wake up by 6, Brush & floss teeth, Cardio workout, Yoga/stretch, Make Bed, Wash face, Make coffee, Make protein shake for family breakfast. Every day I shoot to check all of the boxes (don’t get me wrong some days I don’t do cardio and I do it later in the day or I skip yoga). It really helps set intention for my day. image
  4. Meditate. Anyone who knows me will tell you my mind runs at 1000 miles per hour. It never stops. I always thought meditation was impossible for me, but once I really committed (i use the headspace app) I found that it made me much more in tune with my mental and physical states and helped me to relax more generally.
  5. Set your goals. I always set goals in 4 categories: Career, Family, Health, and Personal. I try to do it annually and check it quarterly. Make sure they are attainable and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Examples: Career = Get a positive mid year rating and complete “X” project on time. Family = Get child in Swim lessons and do dinner at the table with not TV 4 times per week. Health = Fit into size 4 jeans and be able to do 20 pushups. Personal = Meditate 4 times per week and stretch to touch your toes. NOTE* when it comes go health goals I strongly encourage you to make them about something other than weight. Make them size or strength or food related. Weight is arbitrary – I could care less what i weigh if I fit into my clothes well and feel sexy.
  6. Lastly, put yourself first. Yes your spouse is important, yes your kids are important, yes your friends are important, but if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of them. When Mama is happy everyone is happy.



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Last Minute Baby Prep

We are officially full term. Which means we are now in the waiting game – eating spicy foods, walking a ton, eating pineapple, whatever we can do to try to get Everett here naturally we’re doing, but it looks like he’s going to wait until we induce Tuesday to make his appearance (so much like his sister in that regard). However, having a little extra time isn’t all bad (especially since I’ve had a bit of a cold that I want gone before baby comes) and I am in SUPER nesting mode.


We decided (on a  whim) to redo the dining room yesterday and it turned out really good.  We brought a lot more color into the space and really livened it up. It’s the first thing you see in our house so now I’m so excited to have it updated.

Pink Fly-Kendall-62

Then with 2 babies – I need my hands free so I went and bought this new diaper backpacknew diaper backpack. I had a backpack when Kenzie was first born and it was nice but frustrating because the zipper stuck and didn’t open fully. plus there weren’t enough pockets. This new backpack has a separate area for changing stuff, bottles, water bottles, quick access, and the main pocket zipper goes all the way to the bottom so you can see EVERYTHING thats in the main section. I LOVE IT. Plus it evenly distributes the weight on my shoulders so I can focus on babies. AND it has hooks to attach to your stroller handle so that it doesn’t take up the storage spot at the bottom (which means more room for shopping bags. WOOT).


Lastly, I made a totally impromptu purchase…we bought a car! LOL. So my Ford Explorer has had a TON of issues over the last 2 years. I’ve replaced the A/C & heating systems, all brakes & pads & rotors TWICE, tires, the Nav system, and had 2 recalls. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. Then when I went to do my inspection/registration this year they told me I needed new tires. AGAIN. My tires are < 18 months old and I get them rotated every time I get an oil change. So I figured – mileage warranty on the tires right? WRONG. You have to have road hazard to qualify. Seriously? So they wouldn’t replace them. Rather than spend another $1500 on my 2013 car – I decided to buy a Nissan Rogue 2018 and I LOVE IT! I also get drove an Audi Q5 but it was a little too small for me, had a recall, and I was nervous about the increased maintenance costs. Ultimately I’m SUPER happy with my Nissan.

Now we just need a baby to put in it…come on Baby E!



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Bullet Journaling

My followers probably know by now that I LOVE to Bujo, and make lists, and organize. It’s therapeutic for me. A few weeks ago I put my newest BUJO pages in my IG story, and thought I would recap them here with some of my tips for staying organized with kids (and husbands because…yeah) and if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities (such as multiple jobs, communities/groups, clubs, etc.).

Let me start by saying: if you decide to Bujo you do NOT need to go the full artistic intense version that I do. In fact – I recommend starting simple so that you’ll stick with it (see my TIPS from my Bujo 101 blog post a few months ago). That being said, I personally find it easier for me to stay engaged with my journal when it is aesthetically pleasing so I spend a LOT of time prepping my pages so that I will use them.

All of that being said, here are my newest pages:

My Home Improvement & Gift tracker. No these don’t really go together. But I was using the full page so sue me. LOL. My home improvement just has a list of things I want to do in the house, semi-organized by their location in my personal home, and I check them off per my standard key (one line is in progress, 2 lines is finished). The gift tracker is by Family member so that when I have ideas I can put them on the list and when I buy them I can cross them off. I try to get gifts throughout the year AND keep track of ideas I have so this is super helpful for me.


Movies & Quotes (sometimes Quotes from Movies) I like to keep track of all of David and I’s “Date Nights”. Even if its renting a moving at home and ordering pizza (we watch a lot of movies) we try really hard to prioritize time together and this is a fun way to recap some of our date memories. I also like to track inspirational quotes for myself, from multiple resources, so that when I feel like I need a kick in the pants, I have one handy.


Books Read & DNF’ed (did not finish) I read A LOT of books. Like 200+ per year. I like to track my favorites on my “bookcase” (because sometimes Goodreads has a meltdown and doesn’t do what I need it to do) for quick reference when people ask for recommendations, and the ones I started but didn’t finish because I A) Don’t want to buy them and try them again and B) If I read 205 books but I started an additional 60 that were terrible – I feel like I deserve credit for that. Pat on the back.


My Future Log & Key. I like to know what appointments I have upcoming, what holidays I need to prep for, Doctor’s appointments, and weird social-media-holidays for our blog. On top of that I try to follow a consistent key across all of my pages regardless of tracker or monthly page, this helps me remember what that is. #Pregnancybrain


Last but not least – my Weight & Measurements tracker. For post baby. Cause I’m not dieting with a kid in me. But, I like to be prepared. This way I can track my monthly measurements and overall weight as I make my way back to my ideal weight over the rest of the year.


In addition to these pages I currently am only doing a monthly tracker (instead of weekly since I won’t be working over the next few months and my job has been on hold for the last month). I also have a Breastfeeding tracker & sick days for my kids. Cause I’m that mom. I give my kids dirty pacifiers to build their immunity but then I track every day they’re sick. Boom.

Feel free to reach out with any requests for pages or tips!



Friday 5

Its that day again – FRIYAY. Which means I get to share 5 super interesting (maybe not) things about me, AND in a surprising turn of events I’m also going to start sharing a 5 item flat lay each Friday. This week’s is made up of 3 items I purchased this week (1 is on SALE) and 2 of my more classic items mixed in. All the links are below. But any who – facts about me:

  1. I actually didn’t want children. I was so worried about my ability to raise them well, and how society was progressing, that I feared bringing children into the world. To be totally honest I worried that I was too selfish to be a good mom, that I wouldn’t be able to put their needs before my own. I’ve obviously pushed through those fears to have not only 1, but 2 (in like 2 weeks) children. But it was a huge issue when my now husband and I first started dating.
  2. While my pregnancies have been very easy and healthy (thank the lord) I’ve actually faced quite a few complications. I just didn’t think they were bad enough to really effect my day to day life but I did go through: Terrible Braxton Hicks (27 hours of non-active labor with my first), broad ligament pains (also worse with my first), pregnancy migraines (including ocular migraines which make me go blind for 30-60 minutes with my second), contractions (on and off starting week 26 with both), sciatic pain (second and luckily only at the very end), and lastly my second has Kidney issues so we are considered high risk and have lots of extra specialist appointments. I try to be a pretty positive person and I’ve been incredibly lucky that I didn’t have morning sickness or pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes or any of 100s of other hardships during my pregnancies but it isn’t always smooth sailing. You’re not alone ladies.
  3. I may have a shopping addiction. Not gonna say I’m at the therapy level yet (unless it’s retail therapy) but it’s pretty aggressive. LOL. I guess that makes blogging a good passion for me. If there is every anything you want to see more of (baby clothes, mom clothes, shorts, workout apparel, etc.) let me know.
  4. I plan entire vacations around food. Seriously. I wouldn’t consider myself a total foodie (my sister-in-law is though. She’ll eat anything and I always have a blast getting introduced to new foods by her), but I REALLY like to eat. When my mom and I went to New York a few years ago we planned our days around my food reservations. LOL. I like to eat, any and all recommendations are welcome.
  5. When I become independently wealthy…HAHAHHHAHAHA…but no seriously. I would travel all day every day if it was up to me. I love going to new places, experiencing new things, learning new languages, and generally just wandering around new places. I truly believe David is my soul mate, because he is the same way. We don’t need to stay in the nicest hotel or have a full itinerary, we both just want to wake up and experience wherever we are. It makes traveling together a blast.

Hopefully this gives you a bit more insight into my life. I’d love to hear from you guys what you agree/disagree with and some fun facts about you all!!! And then, of course, as promised – here is my 5 item flat lay:


Shop these items: HERE.



Friday 5

It is Friday and I am in a state of panic. Because I am me (and insane) I like to do everything at once. Which means today the contractors are finishing up in the bathrooms (laying tile and taking out old vanities), I have to finish assembling the NEW vanities (which are wicked cool) to be installed tomorrow morning, AND tomorrow is Kensington’s first birthday party…at our house. Which means all of the renovations have to go PERFECTLY and I need to decorate…at some point…and cook…and stuff. So yeah – total state of panic. But its going to be fine. I’m sure.

Anywho – 5 things about me:

  1. I pretty much lack patience entirely. David makes fun of me because I can decide to do something, learn it quickly, be decisive, and then when I actually do it – I cut corners because its taking too long. I have a complete inability to sit still and wait. It’s a terrible trait – I should work on it. But that would take too long.
  2. I think I’ve had my hair pretty much every color. Maybe not ALL of them but: dark blonde, platinum blonde, Strawberry blonde, Light brown, Dark Brown, Auburn, Red (natural), Red (fire engine), Black, Blue…Yeah. Pretty much everything except pink. None of them really look terrible so I have a hard time deciding what color to keep my hair. It’s naturally a light reddish brown – if I didn’t dye it (which I didn’t Kensington’s whole first year of life – go me).
  3. I compulsively make & repeat lists. I have an “8 before 8” to do list every morning in which one of the steps is “Make daily list and tell Dave”. Yeah. And I tell him probably 2-3 times throughout the day. It annoys the heck out of him, but he still doesn’t retain it. *Shrug*
  4. Everyone kind of jokes that I can “see the unseen” if you walk me into a bare room or an outdated house – I can instantly see how it should be updated, what you could do with the space, where furniture should go. It’s a gift…of course around bonus time its a curse (that’s how I ended up turning our office into a walk in closet and renovating both bathrooms and the laundry room. Oops).
  5. I have super weird cleanliness tendencies. I don’t really care if a space is “clean” per say (unless it smells in which case…ew), BUT I really care if a place is tidy. Everything has to be put away and in it’s place. If I leave my house in the morning and I know I didn’t put stuff away it will bother me the entire day. And theres a 60% chance I go home on my lunch break and clean. It’s a problem.


Share some fun facts about you below!



Maintaining a Career with Children

It’s crazy now, looking back, when I think about how nervous I was to have Kensington. Prior to getting pregnant, my career was my baby. I cared deeply about my performance, personal development, and growth – to the extent that I probably would have rated it #2 only to my marriage. Now, not everyone is this way. There are plenty of Men & Women out there who work hard and have good jobs, but don’t prioritize it internally. It’s a source of income and thats it. That’s great! Or maybe they stayed home from the start of their marriage and running the home is their full time job. AWESOME! This is not meant to be a judgement piece on anyone else’s lifestyle, merely a commentary on my own fears and struggles when we decided to have children. But I digress.

I was so worried that taking my maternity leave (I will call out my company is WONDERFUL and I get 4 months leave) would put me behind in my career. That it would be impossible to come back and maintain the kind of momentum I had before children. That staying home when they were sick, or having to leave at a certain time, would compromise my ability to be effective at my job. Not to mention all the other pressures put on mama (lose the baby weight, keep the house clean, feed everyone, still get dressed up, etc.) and how I would possibly juggle those. I was overwhelmed and to be honest a bit terrified.

I’m going to break this into 2 categories: Things I learned, and Tips to being a successful working mom. These are not fool proof (and I’d argue that everyone’s journey is different) but with the help of my Women Empowerment group at work I’ve found that a lot of these are pretty universal.


Things I learned:

  1. Be present. You don’t have as much time with your kid(s)/spouse as a stay at home. And that’s okay. But make the time you do have with them count – put the phone down, don’t turn on the TV, cook dinner with them. Make it matter.
  2. Your kid will be okay with a Nanny/Daycare. I know you want to be there with them, teaching them, watching them grow. It’s natural. But they will be okay. If you do #1 you’ll still get to experience all the best parts. (tip: I have my Daycare teachers not tell me when she hits a milestone. If she walks at school for the first time I ask them not to say anything so I can experience it at home.)
  3. It’s okay to give up some things you did before. Don’t have time/energy to cook dinner? Pick something up or order Hello Fresh. Don’t have time to scrub grout? Hire a housekeeper. There are some things you can outsource – don’t feel like you have to do them all.
  4. Your career will be there for you. Now don’t get me wrong, between the hours of 9-5 I work my BUTT off. I host meetings and calls, I run spreadsheets and analysis, I organize teams and drive initiatives. And at 5pm – I log off. I am available by phone if NECESSARY, but for the most part, when I leave the parking lot at work: I am done working. Put in the time & effort you were so proud of before baby, but know your limits. This was easier than I expected once I started really tuning into #1. Your job will still be there tomorrow – you can do it then.
  5. Be thankful. Thank your husband, thank your boss, thank your coworkers & peers. No one will begrudge you for putting your family first, BUT you need to show appreciation for the flexibility and partnership. Appreciate what you got girlfriend.



  1. Your husband married you. On purpose. Had kids with you. Most likely on purpose (LOL). He can help. One of the things I’ve seen the most in relationships is that “mom can do it best” mentality. Duh. You’re the mom. You are terrific at all things. BUT (and this is a huge but) Dad can still do it. Even if it’s not exactly like you would. It was REALLY hard for me at the start – but don’t correct your husband. Unless what he is doing puts your child in mortal danger, let him do it his own way. He puts the diaper on wrong? Shrug it off – he’s gonna have to clean up the mess in an hour or so anyways. His bath skills are…slightly terrifying? Let it go – baby got mostly clean and you got 30 min to yourself. Hurrah! Leave the room if you have to, but let dad do stuff from the start. My daughter is almost 1 now and my husband does EVERYTHING. He changes diapers, he does bath time, he feeds her, he makes bottles, he carries her on his shoulders, he swings her in the swing set. It frees me up when I want/have to do other things. This is a big one ladies. I’m telling you. If you wait until the kid is 3 to start letting him help he won’t want to do it. If you correct him every time he does something he won’t want to do it. Value your own sanity here. He probably wants to help and doesn’t know how. Rant over. (I recognize that I am TOTALLY blessed with the world’s best father & husband but I promise yours can help too).

Career22. Daycare/Nanny Tip (see above) – but I don’t let my daycare tell me when she hits milestones. I want to experience them for myself. Makes me happy and it makes Kensington happy when she sees how proud we are. Don’t ruin it for yourself.

3. Prioritize what is MOST important for you. For me personally it was: Time with Husband & baby, exercise, job, cleaning/tidiness, food. I hired a cleaner and 3/7 days a week I pick up food. I bought a Peloton to workout at home to maximize time with family. Find out what YOU need. And make it happen.

4. DONT STOP DATING!!!!!!! Seriously guys. Everyone says this and no-one does it. Makes me insane-o. You PICKED your spouse. Do you know how huge that is? Out of all the people in the world, you married THEM. And they married you. Intentionally. (I don’t care if you had an arranged marriage or not, dated for a week or 10 years. You CHOSE them.) Make it a priority to date them. Even in the first year (I know your baby is small and needs you but they will be fine for 2 hours). My husband and I go out on a date EVERY Friday. Sometimes Kensington comes with us, sometimes we get a babysitter, sometimes we put her at daycare or with family, but we ALWAYS go out to dinner, talk about adult stuff, kiss, and leave our phones in the car. It’s important to keep that bond with your spouse and make every effort not to let it die. In a perfect world they will be with you long after the kids leave the nest. Consider it an investment in your future.

5. Tell your boss what you need. Be transparent here – if they are a decent boss they will understand. For me – I need to leave right around 5 every day. I can stay late for really important projects but it won’t ever be my norm. I am happy to come in early or WFH. I NEED my weekends to spend time with my family, and I don’t want to travel for work more than is absolutely necessary. That’s the truth. If you’re afraid of how your boss might respond, (I’d argue your boss is not great) loop in HR if you need to. I tend to avoid HR like the plague and I definitely opt for just having an open and candid conversation with your boss, but every situation is different. Set your boundaries and then stick to them. But be reasonable – if you request only working 10-2, 3 days a week in a full time role – probably not going to go over well. But if you need to leave at 5 to get to daycare – then do it. WORK HARD while you’re there, but then leave when you need to in order to get home to your sweet angel.


Ultimately, if you are hard working and driven – you can still be successful in your career and have kids. You just have to work a little harder than other people and deprioritize/outsource the things that don’t matter. You can do this. I have faith in you.



What’s in my purse

The purse. A most sacred of places. The one place women can carry all those things they need (and don’t need) for their day to day life. I am a purse gal through and through. I have ALWAYS loved a nice bag (collecting MANY of them) and now that my husband has totally spoiled me with my LV bag, I take great care with what I put in it. Here are some of my Favorites that I keep in my bag.

purse 3

I love this keychain from Moon & Lola. It’s thin enough to be pretty non-intrusive in my purse but still really pretty and keeps my keys together. LINK purse 4

This is my FAVE chapstick/quick swipe tined lip balm. It smells yummy, feels smooth, and adds a pretty sheen. LINK

purse 6

Cause I have kids. JK. Because I’ve been pregnant for basically forever and I get TERRIBLE pregnancy headaches. I’ve always got some Tylenol on hand.

urse 5

I have been trying to switch to all natural beauty products without additives. So far I LOVE this Un-Concealer from RMS Beauty. I wear it in 11. LINK

urse 7

You guys probably all know I bullet journal. Like crazy. So I keep mine with me at all times for notes, schedules, tracking, etc. I love THIS bullet journal the best.


I keep all of this + a small purse inside my larger bag. LOL. Then when I’m in a rush I grab my smaller purse with just my keys, wallet, and Sugar lip tint and run out the door. What do you guys keep in your bag?

Purse 1




What I pack in my hospital bag

Last time I was pregnant (you know…last summer LOL) I was SO panicked over what I should pack in my hospital bag! I had never had a baby before, I didn’t know what I would need vs. what they would provide, and I DEFINITELY didn’t want to end up stuck there without things I needed. I ended up reading a MILLION blog and Pinterest posts and TOTALLY overpacking. For round 2 with Everett I made a condensed packing list of just the essentials. Hopefully any of you first time moms out there find this helpful.


  • Take Home outfit for baby – bet you didn’t need to be told this one. The BEST advice I got last round was this: If you’re having a girl keep in mind that they have to go into a carseat. Getting a super layer-y poofy dress might SEEM like a cute idea but then you still have to strap them in. Make it easier on you and dad and make sure whatever your baby comes home in has 2 holes for legs. Or don’t – and be a strong independent mama who does whatever she wants. No shame. Do you.
  • Hat/Socks for baby while in the hospital. My hospital provides hats & pacifiers but I like having my own hat for baby. Personal thing. but mittens/socks are always nice to have since the hospital gets so dang cold. We don’t bring a binky though because the hospital ones are amazing. We introduce the wubbanub when we get home.
  • Boppy – so this is optional. If you think having a feeding pillow will help you get in the right position bring it. For me it was more of a hinderance than a help BUT every mom is different. It might be nice to have with you JIC (especially those of you who might be trying to breastfeed for the first time).
  • Pajamas for YOU! Girl you are gonna be laid up in bed for DAYS. Be comfy. Hire a makeup and hair team if you feel the need, wear couture and loubotins when family swings by, but girlfriend at night – ain’t nobody watching. Get some comfy PJs and sleep while you can. Or wear them all DAY & NIGHT like I did. Whatevs.
  • Cute Robe. Not a necessity. They will give you a SUPER cute and soft (NOT) robe you can wear while you stay there. I ended up taking a pretty silky one last time for AFTER delivery and ended up really liking it. Made me feel put together when people would pop by throughout the day but made breastfeeding and dressing down quick and easy.
  • Flip Flops – for the shower. for the halls. for the walks I like to take around the parking lot after delivery. whatevs.
  • Socks – MAN are those hospitals cold. Bring socks. Maybe 3 pair. You know…to layer. it’s cold. I don’t love the cold so I’m a big fan of socks. OH and extra blankets. Like I said. Cold.
  • Phone Charger – pack one now. if you’re like me and have #pregnancybrain buy one. Pack it. Forget it exists until you need it in the hospital. You’re gonna have questions, wanna send pics to family & friends, and need a full battery.
  • Nursing bra – I ended up not really wearing a bra until it was time to go home because baby was in and out so often, but nursing bras are more comfy anyways so bring one and use it when you want.
  • Nipple cream – maybe you’ll be blessed and latching/breastfeeding will be a painless easy breeze from the start. OR NOT. Bring nipple cream either way. Protect those babies from the start.
  • Toiletries/Makeup – You know. Stuff to get clean. And look pretty. I brought a straightener, my makeup bag, Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant. Don’t bother with a full caddy. You may take 1 (max 2) showers while you’re there. It’ll be fine.
  • Dad’s stuff – few changes of clothes, toiletries, another phone charger. He can leave if he wants to. You can’t.


That’s my list. Keep in mind – my hospital provides: Blankets, hats, bath stuff, formula (just in case), breast pumps, and pacifiers for baby. Not to mention gauze undies, pads, freeze-pain-spray-stuff, hemorrhoid cream, and stuff for mom. So check with your hospital. If they don’t provide these things, bring them.

Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there. I’ve linked all my stuff below (including the beautiful robe & super cute breastfeeding PJs/gown I got for this stay.



P.s. Here’s a copy of my #Bujo tracker for this bag. I made one last yer for Kenzie too.


LINKS: RobeNursing DressNursing BraNipple CreamTake Home Outfit

8 Before 8 – Starting the Day Right

As I read our Self Development book of the month for March (the Power of Habit), I found myself trying to build better ways to start the day for myself. How I can ensure that I start the day a little earlier, get a little bit more done, and set myself up for success?  I decided to try to break myself of the sleeping-until-the-6th-alarm habit and wake up a bit earlier (before 7) and then let the habits start from there. I called it my “8 before 8” (thanks Pinterest) and started tracking them in my BUJO. Here is my list:

  1. Wake up before 7am
  2. Oil Pull (supposed to be great for your gums and teeth)
  3. Jade Face Roll (I SWEAR this has transformed my face. So good!!!)
  4. Take my supplements (Pre-Natal & B12)
  5. Have a hot drink (water with lemon, green tea, Matcha Latte, etc.)
  6. Yoga/Peloton – one or the other. Maybe both.
  7. Write out that day’s To-Do List (more than just “don’t forget to call David”)
  8. Make the bed – gives my morning a sense of completion, and keeps the dogs from getting the sheets dirty as they lay around all day long.


I built a daily tracker for it, added it to my weekly spread, and put my coconut oil & jade roller by my bed. Ready to go.


@ASo yeah – I do it about 4 times per week. Maybe 5. LOL. The truth is if baby lets me sleep past 7…I’m probably gonna sleep. And sometimes we’re not up and out of bed in time for me to make the bed before work. BUT I have found that I do each of those things more than I did before I started tracking it. And I feel SO GREAT and accomplished on the days I do them all.


What are some of your early morning rituals? How do you get yourself up and ready to face the day?`



LINKS: Jade RollerCream Top LeggingsWorkout Top Bedding

Anthropologie Home at Nordstrom

In honor of Anthropologie home going live at Nordstrom, I went ahead and pulled together some of my favorite tableware from the new collection!!! Honestly, I was SUPER tempted to just purchase all new plates and bowls (I still might) but in the interim, I figured I can share my wish list with you!

The Jardiniere Oven Fit & pot Holder – UGH! How fab are those flowers??

Elena Dinner PLate

The Elena Dinner Plates. Classic. beautiful. love.

Dessert Plate

The Giada Canape Plate. Just look at it. Feminine with a touch of grey. beautiful.


Who doesn’t love the Latte bowls? Seriously. An Anthro Staple and Nordy’s has them in 2 colors.

MEasuring Spoons

Last, but certainly not least, these GORGEOUS Pippa Measuring spoons. I die.

It probably seems pretty dramatic, my love for tableware (LOL), but I may have a slight…okay very large obsession with Anthropologie’s table settings. they’re just so beautiful while being trendy and different. You can’t go wrong!



LINKS: Oven Mit Pot HolderDinner PlatesCanape PlateBowlsMeasuring Spoons

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