Body Image

I think everyone struggles with body image issues (if you’ve never had a stray thought about self improvement – you’re probably a terrible person). One of my favorite sayings is “Would you talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself?”. I’ve always thought that was such a good way of looking at it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think “I’m huge, I need to lose 20 lbs, my stomach is flabby” etc. and when I think about going up to a friend and telling them their “stomach looks flabby” I visibly cringe. Why do we think it’s okay to talk down to ourselves?

Part of it I think is generational. We hear our parents talk down about themselves (because we’re all human and we’d all like to improve) and then we do the same thing. And let me say – there is nothing wrong with wanting to get in better shape or focus more at work or relax and stop being so OCD. But there is a point where it is no longer about self improvement and instead becomes about self depreciation. That’s what I’m talking about.

Now I am as guilty (if not more so) than most people. It makes me think of that scene in Mean Girls “Apparently there is more than skinny or fat.” (when they’re all talking about their pores and their noses and their hips). We all fall into that trap, and I find myself doing it more and more post children when I want to magically be super thin and ready to rock a swimsuit. So how to overcome this deeply ingrained body dysmorphia? I’m not sure that we (I) can completely shake it off but I do thing there is something to be said for positivity.

Instead of looking at that picture from last night and saying “Ugh I look terrible” say “Oh you look cute!” to the other person or ” well my outfit is on point”. If you have to say something negative make it “not the best lighting” or “wish the camera angle was higher” instead of about you/your body. When we compare ourselves to those in the media – their entire job is to look good. Private chefs, personal trainers, makeup & hair teams, photographers who follow them only getting the best angles/lighting. You can’t look at them and think less of yourself. Only think well of them.

It’s dang near impossible in today’s society not to compare yourself to models/actresses/bloggers/friends/etc. but you can choose to love yourself. To think about yourself positively. Never stop trying to better yourself but do it for the right reasons and do it without tearing yourself down. Love yourself so others can love you too.



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P.S. Currently I’m reading this Mantra to myself 3X per day while I move along my meditation bead necklace:

My body is worthy of my love

my body is fierce and fabulous

My body is strong and stable

My body is full of wisdom

My body is powerful beyond belief

My body is balanced and beautiful

My heart is full of grace

My heart can forgive and let go

My heart is open to goodness

My heart sees balance in the universe

My heart takes the good with the bad

I trust my body. I trust my heart, I trust my mind.


Outdoor Voices & Barre

The studio I teach at (Barre Code Plano for any of my Dallas Natives) kicked off their SPF 2018 Challenge this weekend – the goal is to take 15 classes in 21 days encouraging clients to try new class formats and really commit to their health – with an outdoor Barre class on the boardwalk. It was sponsored by Outdoor Voices (including my super cute outfit) and a super fun time. Going to review the outfit I was gifted to wear, Union Bear where we had brunch after, and Barre in general.



First Off, Outdoor Voices. So I have been seeing their outfits EVERYWHERE and was super excited to try them out. The outfit I wore is linked above and was super nice! even outside in 100 degree heat and the sun it wasn’t too hot, provided ample compression, and was super cute. I will say for me personally the thighs were a little tight but the waist fit TTS (a friend of mine got high waisted and in hind sight I wish I had too – if you’re a high waist fan opt for the higher band) and the material was constrictive (in a  good way) without being too hot. And for a girl who just had a baby and did NOT want to wear a crop top – pretty flattering 🙂


Second, Union Bear Restaurant & Brewery. Super cool atmosphere, on the new boardwalk in Plano/Frisco, and an excellent drink menu (the mimosa was wonderful after a scorching barre class). The negative for me – basically ZERO plant based options. Everything had meat, cheese, or eggs in it as a main ingredient so I found it pretty hard to eat, but my husband and friends all loved their meals and it spoke well to their eclectic menu. Definitely a cool place to hang out and enjoy a patio.


Last, but certainly not least, Barre in general. Barre challenges me in a way no other workout has. Small controlled movements with mind muscle connection that leaves you shaking in the wind. The studio I work at is awesome because it also offers Total Body Conditioning (like barre meets bootcamp), Brawl & interval Brawl (cardio Kickboxing with some barre thrown in), Barre-Did (dancing), and BarRestore (barre meets yoga) so you can get basically every type of workout you want under one roof. Not to mention the community is so incredible. I have made more friends through the studio than any other group in my life.



First Month with Baby

Everett is officially One Month Old today. I seriously cannot even believe it. Recovery this time has been so much easier! I’m already cleared for exercise (3 weeks earlier than with Kensington) and totally feel like myself. It’s a miracle. What’s even crazier is how similar and yet different they are. We had Everett’s Newborn pictures done and this about sums it up:

Where Kenzie was super independent, slept great right off the bat, and was just hanging out (get it? get it? Pun Intended) Everett loves being held, wants constant attention, isn’t a bad sleeper but struggles a bit more than Kensington. We had our amazing photographer (if you’re in Dallas she’s amazing – see her website HERE) recreate this favorite from Kenzie’s shoot with a “boy” spin so that we could have some parallelism with their shoots. Both my beautiful woodland babies. LOL.

We wanted his pictures to be outdoorsy and have lots of earth tones like his nursery (see Nursery blog post HERE). As per usual she did an AMAZING job and totally hit it out of the park.

I swear she is the baby whisperer to make our grumpy old man baby look so peaceful lol. Over the last month we’ve really gotten familiar with his “SOMONE BETTER PICK ME UP RIGHT NOW” cry, finally gotten to see his beautiful eyes (he didn’t open them for days after birth, They’re Navy like Kenzie’s was so I anticipate them changing), and been able to see what a newborn with crazy intense head strength is capable of – caution when holding: he will flip out of your arms with his crazy old man baby strength. #Fact

My photographer also had this incredible idea of doing a vampire setting for one of his pictures. David and I used to camp ALL THE TIME when we first started dating and really bonded over our love of the outdoors. TBH I think it was that ability to travel and love of camping/being outside that really solidified our relationship so of course we jumped at the chance. It’s the cutest thing ever:


Then because Dave is such a sports guy, and played baseball for years (even was able to walk on in college), we made sure to get an ADORABLE baseball picture of our little boy.

I know everyone says having daughters is more fun because you can dress them up and put them in bows etc. but I am unbelievably excited for sports with this little guy. I’m gonna be that mom who knows all the players stats and goes to every practice. Sorry in advanced.

Then Last, but certainly not least, we took some family pictures. Ugh. They are the best. Seriously.

Are they not the cutest siblings ever? Seriously…

Me just loving on our newest addition. He’s so squishy and I love him.

Dave just looking like a model…like always. And trying to brainwash Everett into being an Aggie and getting a corporate job. I don’t think he’s having it though LOL


And the worlds best family photo (but I’m biased LOL) Laura was amazing and brought Kensington’s face in from another picture, smoothed out wrinkles in our clothes and made the lighting perfect. I can’t believe it. I’m glad I like it since I ordered a huge canvas for our house. God help us LOL.

Ultimately having two kids under one is…a lot. It think it would be slightly easier if Kensington could walk, but ultimately its not as terrible as everyone warned us (maybe I can thank them for setting bad expectations so I could be pleasantly surprised). It’s definitely more challenging if one of us wants to go do something and the other person ends up 2 on 1 but its still a beautiful suffering. LOL.



Post-Partum Recovery

Real Life: After I had a baby I had stretch marks on my stomach & chest, loose skin & extra fat on my low tummy, and Diastasis Recti ( the separation of your abdominals). It’s not like my body immediately snaps back to my pre-pregnancy bod. In fact, it takes 6-12 weeks for your uterus to shrink back down (faster if you breastfeed) and a year for your body to get its organs back in the right spots (they move out of the way so baby and grow). That means recovery is a long path, and I’m an impatient person lol. Not a great combination. 

Today’s post is twofold. First, I want to be honest with my readers and by doing so hopefully help some other mamas out there who are dealing with the frustration of a slow recovery. Even with being in good shape before & during pregnancy, eating well, breastfeeding, and doing small workouts I am still nowhere near where I would like to be fitness/strength/tone-wise. I can still grab and twist my “bubblegum tummy” as a fellow blogger would call it. 

I have friends who six weeks after they had a baby they look even better than they did before kids. They say breastfeeding and eating clean is the secret to their success and they look amazing. Not the case for me. Breastfeeding makes me retain water (and my boobs huge which of course makes me look 3 sizes bigger in about half of my tops). So despite being a great calorie burner and way to shrink my Uterus down, I don’t really get to enjoy the benefits until I stop. If you’re out there in the universe thinking “LIES! Breastfeeding is the worst and I don’t look/feel skinnier.” you’re not alone. It happens. If you expected to come home form the hospital in our smallest pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and its not happening the way you expected, don’t worry. Take your time and be patient (as patient as you can be) and make sure your getting back in shape in a healthy way. 

Which brings me to part two of my post. I want to talk about getting back in shape in a healthy way post-baby and how to heal Diastasis Recti. If you’re not sure if you have Diastasis Recti, lay flat on the ground and curl your head and shoulders up as if you were doing a crunch. If your stomach cones or presses up higher in the middle and when you press on it with your fingers it is soft to the touch with no resistance – you have it. We’ll start with how to heal it. 

DO NOT jump back in to a serious core routine. That will undoubtedly make it worse. This separation can get bad enough to require surgery if you’re not careful. Instead work primarily on core stabilization exercises (standing Marching high knees, bird dogs, side planks, glute bridges). There are a few good YouTube videos on some HERE, HERE, and HERE. Definitely avoid crunches, sit-ups, and any “twisting” where you are wringing your core out side to side (such as russian twists). 

Additional ways to start getting back in shape include:

  • Wearing a Post-Partum girdle 1-3 hours per day during the first 6 weeks. This helps press your uterus back in place faster.
  • Eating healthy: While you can’t exercise in the first 6 weeks you can eat clean. Don’t use this time as an excuse for cookie dough and pizza (Like I did after my first pregnancy). Instead eat lots of veggies, whole grains, and protein.
  • Mini-workouts: While you should listen to your doctor and not workout without approval, my doc was fine with me doing upper body routines with 3 lb weights, going on long walks, doing my core stabilization workouts, and even doing some light jogging. It helped me get back to feeling like me faster.

Hopefully this helps some Mamas out there recovering from their wonderful childbirth.



All Natural Beauty Products

Ladies!! I wanted to talk today about my favorite All Natural beauty products. When I had Kensington I got a lot more into health and reading about the effects of different things on the body. I had been into fitness for a few years (even did a bikini competition a while ago) and had “Eaten healthy” but had never done a ton of research into the effects of different foods/products on the body until I was trying to figure out what to feed/use with Kenz. Basically what I learned shocked me (but I won’t terrorize you or push my holistic beliefs).

Surprisingly a HUGE issue for skin (mine is SUPREMELY sensitive) is all of the paragons/sulfates/phthalate/toxins they put in makeups & skin care products. So lately I’ve been opting for all natural, vegan, & cruelty free products and it’s made a world of difference for me. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite products/brands with you guys.

First off, I LOVE Savor Beauty products. They recently started carrying them at Nordstrom and they are amazing! Inspired by the Korean skincare regimen, its an all natural line that is SO good for your skin. I use steps 0-3 (I can’t use creams on my face because they make me breakout so I don’t use #4) and love them all.


Second, RMS Beauty & Jane Iredale – both lines are all natural and surprisingly amazing. Un-Cover Up by RMS beauty & their lipstick are both thick enough to provide good coverage, hydrating, and really nice. Probably my favorite concealer of all time. Jane Iredale’s Glow BB Cream is nice and thick without feeling oily, provides good coverage, and comes in a ton of shades to match your skin. Finding the right color can be a chore but its so nice once you do!


Lastly, I love this Beauty by Earth Self Tanner. Its organic, smells nice, and I haven’t had any issues with streaky-ness. Its also a really natural looking color.

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Post Partum Recovery & Exercise

I’ve written before about how exercise and working out are my “Stress relievers”, which makes post part 4-6 weeks of recovery TORTURE. I understand the importance of taking it easy and giving yourself time to heal (If you had a C-Section this is EVEN MORE important. I’ve been lucky to have natural births with no complications both times so my recovery was much less intense.) but it’s so hard for me when I need that stress relief. I figured today would be a good time to talk about what exercise I DO during the 4-6 week recovery period, what I don’t, and my mental struggles during this time. I’m sure you other mamas can relate.

Exercises I DO:

  • Upper Body – lucky my arms didn’t have a baby SO I get to do some upper body work. I have been doing Peloton & Barre 10 min upper body workouts with 3 pounds weighs. Nothing super heavy (since that can strain your back/core which ARE recovering) but a lot of holds, small intense movements like pulses, and some core stabilization work.
  • Lower Body – Traditional Barre moves like Pencil, Open Pencil, and Narrow V are SUPER intense in your quads, but actually protect your back from intense support (as long as you tuck) and engage your core minimally for stabilization. I’ve been doing 12 min of legs (4 min of each position with 8 moves in the series) to work my Quads/Calves/Glutes without stressing my back or increasing my heart rate too much. I am avoiding intense stabilization moves like lunges or squats for now.
  • Core – This round I had Diastasis Recti so I’ve been doing stabilization and minimal engagement core moves to help repair the damage. Some of my favorites are: Heel Taps, Bird Dogs, Incline Plank, Side Plank Holds/Pulses, and Glute Bridges (gets you a little more glue action too).
  •  Cardio – Long walks. This is Texas. It’s hot & sweaty outside. Walking is a good way to get some sun, shed some water weight, and getting a bit of cardio/leg work. Try pushing a double stroller the whole time and find a path with elevation changes. It’s a great low intensity workout.

Exercises I avoid:

  • Upper – Anything with Heavy weight that can put you off balance (since your center of gravity is readjusting) or stress your back (like standing Heavy curls, overhead press, or Back Flys).
  • Lower – Cardio or Back intensive moves like Squats, Lunges/Jump Lunges, Anything with added weight, or Deadlifts.
  • Core – crunches/Sit Ups – DO NOT DO CRUNCHES DURING YOUR RECOVERY PERIOD! Same with any Oblique twists/russian twists. This can exacerbate Diastasis Recti or even cause it during post part recovery. Wait until you’re fully cleared for activity before you start these moves.
  •  Cardio – Intense Cycling or Running. I’m waiting until my bleeding stops for these.

Right now I am SO TEMPTED to go take a barre class but Im worried about pushing myself too soon. I would also love to cycle or go for a jog but I don’t want to push myself too hard too fast and extend my recovery period. I’ve also been wearing a recovery girdle 1-2 hours a day to help my uterus shrink back down a bit faster, and breastfeeding to help lose weight/burn calories and shrink my Uterus. Breastfeeding and exercising is tough but it’s been so much easier this time with my Mama Sports Bra. It unclips for easy access, provides a ton of support, and is WAY more comfortable than my other nursing bras. I ended up buying a second one lOL.


Does anyone else struggle with taking 4 week off working out? It’s especially hard because I can see the loose skin/fat on my low belly/inner thighs and I want it gone asap. After you have a baby you expect your body to go back to how it was even though logically you know it takes time, I don’t want to wait 12 months for all my organs to get back in the right spot and lose the weight even though logically I know I have to. Patience is HARD during post part recovery. You’re not alone. It takes time.

Pink Fly-Kendall-98

For me, I also want to feel sexy for my husband. I’ve been pregnant and huge and feeling gross for 9 months. Now I can get back to confidence, and strength, and…yes…sexiness and I want to as quickly as possible. My husband is wonderful at reinforcing my self-esteem with compliments (even when I feel like a busted can of biscuits), but internally I want to get back to where I feel my best. But it’s all a journey, it takes time, and you can’t rush it. So if any other Mamas out there are feeling frustrated – It’s not just you. Take your time, be healthy, and it will come.



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Taking time for yourself post-baby

With two kids under 13 months (yeah…we’re gluttons for punishment) it’s easy to get wrapped up in the kids, and keeping the house clean, and feeding everyone and all of the other Mom to-dos that come with a full house. A friend of ours says you’re not really a parent until you are on one-to-one coverage or higher and man do I agree. Having two kids is a totally different playing field than one, and we are adjusting as fast as we can. But that being said – it is SO important to take a little “me-time” to do what you love and relax.

For me, I have a few guilty pleasures that are my non-negotiables. These can be different for everyone but for me they’re:

  • Coffee – I have to have an iced Macchiato every day. Otherwise I’ll get a headache or fall asleep like a narcoleptic or just be generally cranky. Don’t come between this mama and her coffee. Thanks to my Mother’s Day gift I no longer have to run to Starbucks for coffee. My husband spoiled me with THIS amazing espresso machine and now I make my lattes at home.
  • Working out – this is my stress reliever. If I don’t workout my anxiety runs rampant and I become super tightly wound. I need the release.
  • Reading – even if it’s only 30 min a day (or right now 15 min every 3 hours when I pump) I like getting lost in a good book. I don’t really watch TV so reading cheesy teenage paranormal books is my equivalent of trash TV.
  • A good night’s sleep – not really super possible with a newborn but to the extent that I can sleep, I will. I am as close to a narcoleptic as you can be without actually falling asleep random places. I LOVE SLEEP.

I’m recommending that all Mamas out there take some time for your guilty pleasures. Carve out some time (min usually is during nap time) to workout, or read, or take a nap, but in general spend it doing something that RELAXES and resets you. NO! Dishes & laundry don’t count – I abhor an untidy house and compulsively clean but don’t waste your hour doing that. Take the time for yourself, and maybe assign a household chore or two to your husband to help. Or ask him to watch the kids for a hour so you can rest. Or take them to an hourly daycare for an hour or two a day. It’s OKAY!!!! Ask for help and don’t let your needs fall to the wayside in favor of everyone else. You’re a member of the family too and when Mama is happy: Everyone is happy.

Having kids requires comfy pajamas – that’s pretty much all I wear day & night unless I’m planning on leaving the house so here are 4 of my favorite pairs including the one I am wearing in the cover pic.



PJ2 (what I’m wearing in pink stripe) – LINK





Fitbit Versa Review

I’ve used MANY fitness trackers over the year, and I always try to put reviews up here for you guys. To be perfectly honest I might have a slight obsession with finding the perfect fitness tracker. So here are my Pops & Cons:


  • The touchscreen is great: really responsive, allows for apps, intuitive to use, and feels like a high tech device.
  • Applications & storing music: Can use their fitbit workouts and store music temporarily to use even if phone is out of range
  • Battery Life: OMG! This is ALWAYS my biggest complaint with the apple watch. This device does most of what the apple watch boasts but it only has to be charged every 4 days. LOVE IT. This is honestly probably my favorite feature.

Pink Fly-Kendall-81


  • Like most fitness trackers it doesn’t have a stroller mode so it struggles to get accurate steps unless you take it off and put it in your pocket or on your ankle
  • When using GPS for my run it had a hard time staying connected to my phone. Not sure if this was because I connect to multiple bluetooth devices but it was a little frustrating.
  • I wish it was fancier looking – It looks super similar to an apple watch which is fine but I like the nicer bands and round smaller watch face personally.

All of that being said, it’s my favorite fitness tracker so far. I definitely prefer it to the other fitbit models, nokia, and fossil. *this is not sponsored by fitbit – just an honest review.



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Friday 5 – Delivery Edition

I can’t believe its Friday (all of the days this week have sort of blended together), but it is a very important Friday. MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. Yeah – nerdy Star Wars reference. You’re welcome. But more importantly than that, it is our son’s first Friday in the world so in his honor instead of just doing 5 facts about me (do you guys feel like you know me super well by now?) I’m going to do 5 facts about Pregnancy/Delivery that I didn’t know before I had babies, but wish I had. I do solemnly swear NOT to give you gory gross weird facts. Just some slightly odd facts. and stuff. So here we go…

  1. Your nipples get bigger. And Darker. Sometimes. I felt like this was WAY more pronounced with my first child but it’s basically for your blind-as-a-bat baby to find the milk and the right place to latch. I felt SO weird when it first happened but don’t worry – they shrink back down after you’re done breast feeding.
  2. It takes a YEAR after birth for everything to make its way back into its original place. Think about it: your Uterus moved up into your tummy to make space for baby and pushed everything else out of the way. You are not going to walk out of the hospital feeling 100% with your organs and tummy back in place. It just ain’t gonna happen. Give your body some time.
  3. Epidurals – the Lidocaine they give you before your epidural…hurts. A Lot. like a lot a lot. My sister in law actually gets her epidurals WITHOUT the lidocaine (and she has four kids!). I’m not that brave so I still get it but it hurts. Prepare yourself.
  4. Labor can take a long time. Even if you are on Pitocin, even if you’ve been having contractions, your body might just struggle with it. My first delivery took 23 hours. 23 hours! And all but the final hour of it was just getting my body to respond to Pitocin and dilate. Now my second delivery was only 8 hours, 1 hour of which was waiting for the doc and holding the baby in, and I didn’t even need Pitocin, but every pregnancy is different. Just don’t plan to be in and out in a matter of minutes. Not a thing.
  5. Babies are gross. They look like little old men when they are born, their skin peels off, and their first poop… man. Make sure you change it right away (it looks like black tar and if you let it harden it can take an act of God to help you get it off – and lead to a crying baby)! BUT – the second you hold them, and realize that you just birthed a baby, your heart gets a little bigger to make room for them. I will tell you – for me personally – the whole “as soon as I held him I was in love” thing didn’t really happen. Now as soon as I held him I knew I would jump in moving traffic to protect him, and I did love him, but there was no “instant super deep connection”. With both of my kids it took time to develop those deep bonds and feelings. So if you have your baby and think “I’m not feeling it, everyone said I would feel it” – you. are. not. alone. I have a stronger connection with my daughter right now than my son, but I’ve known her longer. I feel like that makes sense. But they are both my kids, I love them and would do anything for either of them. But for me it wasn’t instant. **That being said – if at any point you feel like hurting yourself or your child or apathetically leaving them somewhere this can be a sign of postpartum depression. It is a real (and really serious) thing. I have friends who have gone through it and it is ROUGH. Do not hesitate to call your doctor. Do not hesitate to tell your husband. Do not chalk it up to “I’m tired”. Do what is best for you and your family. Love and support in abundance from me to you.


So that’s my 5 facts for this week. Maybe you knew all of this, maybe not, but I feel like each time I do this crazy thing (you know…having a baby) I learn something new. Was there anything you thought was weird and learned in your delivery? Comment below! I’d love to hear!


Introducing Baby E – Kid 2

Yesterday we were able to welcome Baby E to the world! Delivery was SUCH a breeze. it’s so funny how all things are relative – I thought Kensington’s brith was super easy and relatively uneventful, but I was wrong. Everett’s birth was so easy – less than 8 hours and only 7 pushes. total. It was a breeze. It was also pretty funny – the night nurse we had was the EXACT same nurse who delivered Kensington. 1 year apart. And then we had the same recovery room. Weird. The hardest part was we had to wait for my doctor to get out of surgery and I had to hold the baby in – that was the most difficult part. #blessed


(Please ignore my RBF LOL)

He has been perfectly healthy and is nursing REALLY well (Kensington was never able to latch so I can’t event ell you how happy I am that we were able to get him latched on). We knew before he was born that he has hyrdonephrosis (basically an issue with his kidneys) so today he got an ultrasound that they’ll send to his pediatrician and pediatric Urologist for review (meanwhile I’ll hope for the best).

We brought Kensington in yesterday & today so that she could get to know her baby brother a little bit. She is incredibly curious about him, but seems to be confused when actually interacting with him. Like she isn’t sure what to do. But I know she’s going to be a great big sister (when she stops crying out for attention that is).

We are so unbelievably happy to have this healthy boy in our lives (and I’m unbelievably happy to be no longer pregnant although post part recovery still sucks). I’m sure I’ll be sharing a MILLION more pictures over the next few weeks so stay tuned! I wish I could thank every nurse and doctor who was part of this great experience again – we were very lucky.



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