Outdoor Voices & Barre

The studio I teach at (Barre Code Plano for any of my Dallas Natives) kicked off their SPF 2018 Challenge this weekend – the goal is to take 15 classes in 21 days encouraging clients to try new class formats and really commit to their health – with an outdoor Barre class on the boardwalk. It was sponsored by Outdoor Voices (including my super cute outfit) and a super fun time. Going to review the outfit I was gifted to wear, Union Bear where we had brunch after, and Barre in general.



First Off, Outdoor Voices. So I have been seeing their outfits EVERYWHERE and was super excited to try them out. The outfit I wore is linked above and was super nice! even outside in 100 degree heat and the sun it wasn’t too hot, provided ample compression, and was super cute. I will say for me personally the thighs were a little tight but the waist fit TTS (a friend of mine got high waisted and in hind sight I wish I had too – if you’re a high waist fan opt for the higher band) and the material was constrictive (in a  good way) without being too hot. And for a girl who just had a baby and did NOT want to wear a crop top – pretty flattering 🙂


Second, Union Bear Restaurant & Brewery. Super cool atmosphere, on the new boardwalk in Plano/Frisco, and an excellent drink menu (the mimosa was wonderful after a scorching barre class). The negative for me – basically ZERO plant based options. Everything had meat, cheese, or eggs in it as a main ingredient so I found it pretty hard to eat, but my husband and friends all loved their meals and it spoke well to their eclectic menu. Definitely a cool place to hang out and enjoy a patio.


Last, but certainly not least, Barre in general. Barre challenges me in a way no other workout has. Small controlled movements with mind muscle connection that leaves you shaking in the wind. The studio I work at is awesome because it also offers Total Body Conditioning (like barre meets bootcamp), Brawl & interval Brawl (cardio Kickboxing with some barre thrown in), Barre-Did (dancing), and BarRestore (barre meets yoga) so you can get basically every type of workout you want under one roof. Not to mention the community is so incredible. I have made more friends through the studio than any other group in my life.



National Best Friend Day – Friday 5

Hi I’m Cori, Kendall’s Bestie! In honor of National Best Friend Day I am sharing 5 facts about our Friendship!  

  1. We met when we worked at a fitness club in college, I worked the front desk & Kendall was on the aquatics team. She didn’t like me at first (silly 19 year old girl things, we got over it) Our friendship was cemented when I bought her a shot glass while I was on a trip in Florida. 
  1. We also bonded over our love of all things Harry Potter, we have seen 5 of the 8 movies together (at midnight). For Kendall’s 24th Birthday we went to Harry Potter world. All our Harry Potter Dreams came true! It is seriously the most amazing place, and I know we are both dying to go back!
  1. I called that Kendall would marry her husband David the day she met him. When they first met David made a joke about how stubborn Kendall was, it did not go over well and she came into my job at the time huffing and puffing about how she could not believe that this guy would make that kind of joke! When she calmed down the only response I had was “So you’re going to marry him then right?” 
  1. Kendall & I are complete opposites. I think it confuses some people on how we get along so well but we are the true definition of opposites attract. I am very much an introvert until you get to know me, I like my alone time and large groups can easily overwhelm me. Kendall on the other hand thrives in large groups and loves meeting new people, she will tell you her life story and not think twice about it. I like to joke that the way an introvert makes friends is that they get adopted by an extrovert, and Kendall is 100% my extrovert! She has also pushed me to be more outgoing so yay for that!
  1. I found out about both of Kendall’s pregnancies in a restaurant, with her 1st I thought she was mad at me because she hadn’t talked to me in like 4 days, when in reality she was afraid she would tell me, and it was very early on. So when we went to lunch and she told me while we were standing in line, I cried and made a scene in the middle of the restaurant. With her 2nd I randomly asked her, jokingly might I add if she was pregnant while we were at lunch and she got this deer in the headlights look and goes “how did you know?!?!”. 

I feel so lucky to have meet Kendall and the fact that we have been friends for so long! Happy National Best Friends Day!!! 


My Fitness Journey

I’ve written about some of my past fitness…decisions before, but thought I would touch on it again. Growing up my mom was a dietician so I knew about healthy eating and exercise, but like all adolescents didn’t REALLY grasp the importance (and even had a phase in high school where I pretty much ate 2 chocolate chip cookies a day…and that was all). For me “health” and “weight” was synonymous.

Fast forward past college, I was getting married to my now husband, and I met some people through instagram and got caught up in the Herbalife movement. Now – it wasn’t bad. I ate really clean, I exercised, I learned more about nutrition than I ever had in my life, and even did my first fitness competition. It was a period of incredible growth for me. That being said, an MLM is not for me and the more I learned about nutrition the less I wanted to drink really processed soy based shakes. Not hating on the company (I still have friends who do it who are in great shape) just that it ended up not being a good fit for me.

Then I was doing competitions with REALLY strict diets and A LOT of workouts. It wasn’t good for my mental health (or my marital health – its hard when you’re at the gym all the time, can’t eat/drink together, and your spouse doesn’t share your interest. Props to couples who rock it, but it wasn’t for us). It ended up making me a bit obsessive with my weight and then eventually totally burned out on exercise. It sucked all the fun out of it for me.

Introducing what I will call “current life stage”. I found Barre Code – which for me personally was more than a gym – it was a mentality shift. They really focus on strength and power, and not on body image or weight. I also met a bunch of ladies who eat well 90% of the time, workout regularly, and then go get pizza and margs. My kind of people. It really helped me changed my mindset from “eat less to lose weight and do tons of cardio” to “eat with balance and workout to become stronger”.


Want the proof? I weigh 22 pounds LESS my second pregnancy (my kids will be exactly 1 year apart so I only had 3 months of not being pregnant in between). Now, I also try to avoid meat and dairy now (I’m not vegan just wary) and I exercised very consistently this pregnancy, but a lot of that is my current mentality. I want my WHOLE FAMILY to be healthy and active, not on a diet and running all the time.

I’m not sharing this as an attempt to say “do what I do – I’m the best and all the other things are wrong”. No. What I’m trying to share is that it is a JOURNEY. It took time for me to start to really like myself and my body. It took time for me to find what healthy and balance looked like for me. It took doing things that didn’t work for me, to really appreciate what did. And I will probably change again in the future because…it is a JOURNEY. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Try something new, strive for balance, and find a girl gang that makes you FEEL GOOD. I’m here if you need me.



Friday 5

Its that day again – FRIYAY. Which means I get to share 5 super interesting (maybe not) things about me, AND in a surprising turn of events I’m also going to start sharing a 5 item flat lay each Friday. This week’s is made up of 3 items I purchased this week (1 is on SALE) and 2 of my more classic items mixed in. All the links are below. But any who – facts about me:

  1. I actually didn’t want children. I was so worried about my ability to raise them well, and how society was progressing, that I feared bringing children into the world. To be totally honest I worried that I was too selfish to be a good mom, that I wouldn’t be able to put their needs before my own. I’ve obviously pushed through those fears to have not only 1, but 2 (in like 2 weeks) children. But it was a huge issue when my now husband and I first started dating.
  2. While my pregnancies have been very easy and healthy (thank the lord) I’ve actually faced quite a few complications. I just didn’t think they were bad enough to really effect my day to day life but I did go through: Terrible Braxton Hicks (27 hours of non-active labor with my first), broad ligament pains (also worse with my first), pregnancy migraines (including ocular migraines which make me go blind for 30-60 minutes with my second), contractions (on and off starting week 26 with both), sciatic pain (second and luckily only at the very end), and lastly my second has Kidney issues so we are considered high risk and have lots of extra specialist appointments. I try to be a pretty positive person and I’ve been incredibly lucky that I didn’t have morning sickness or pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes or any of 100s of other hardships during my pregnancies but it isn’t always smooth sailing. You’re not alone ladies.
  3. I may have a shopping addiction. Not gonna say I’m at the therapy level yet (unless it’s retail therapy) but it’s pretty aggressive. LOL. I guess that makes blogging a good passion for me. If there is every anything you want to see more of (baby clothes, mom clothes, shorts, workout apparel, etc.) let me know.
  4. I plan entire vacations around food. Seriously. I wouldn’t consider myself a total foodie (my sister-in-law is though. She’ll eat anything and I always have a blast getting introduced to new foods by her), but I REALLY like to eat. When my mom and I went to New York a few years ago we planned our days around my food reservations. LOL. I like to eat, any and all recommendations are welcome.
  5. When I become independently wealthy…HAHAHHHAHAHA…but no seriously. I would travel all day every day if it was up to me. I love going to new places, experiencing new things, learning new languages, and generally just wandering around new places. I truly believe David is my soul mate, because he is the same way. We don’t need to stay in the nicest hotel or have a full itinerary, we both just want to wake up and experience wherever we are. It makes traveling together a blast.

Hopefully this gives you a bit more insight into my life. I’d love to hear from you guys what you agree/disagree with and some fun facts about you all!!! And then, of course, as promised – here is my 5 item flat lay:


Shop these items: HERE.



Kensington’s One-derland First Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Kensington’s first birthday (a week early on account of my looming due date) and it was so much fun! I had such a hard time choosing a “theme” since I’m not a huge fan of most kid themes, and I tend to like “earthy boho” vibes, but when I saw this “One-derland” theme I was totally sold. It was a very merry un-birthday indeed.


My (wonderful) husband made “Flamingo croquet” like the queen of hearts plays, lots of vintage teacups and teapots, vines, and of course “Drink me” glasses and “Eat me” cookies. It was so beautiful and fun!! We were so lucky to have close friends and family come out to spoil our baby girl!


Of course she LOVED all of the attention! Then we were able to give her, her very first dose of chocolate cake.


Before & after’s of her enjoyment:


Ultimately it was a WONDERFUL ~ ONE-DERFUL day. We are so blessed to have such an incredible baby girl to celebrate.



Need Custom Baby Outfits? We always shop at KookaburraBaby!!

Social Media and the Comparison Game

Life is daunting already. There is so much pressure (especially on women) to be “perfect”.   The perfect parent, employee, spouse, sex icon, fitness enthusiast, fashionista, the list goes on. Not only do we feel pressure to be perfect in ONE of these areas, we are pressured by social media and friends/family to be perfect in ALL of these areas. And it is daunting (can also use words like terrifying, overwhelming, frustrating, depressing, etc.  synonymously here). Then we layer on top of that this wave of Social Media. Some of us subject ourselves willingly to the censure and judgement of other, and some do not. But EVEN IF you are not out there blogging and writing about your personal life, odds are you scan through your feed and think “OMG she’s perfect. Why can’t I be more like that?”.

My best friend constantly tells me “Her kids still throw up on her”, “She hasn’t eaten anything but lettuce in weeks”, “We can get tequila for that” in an attempt to help me remember that all these people on social media are human. They may curate their photos better than I do, they may be craftier than I am, they may be thinner/smarter/have better hair than I do, but they are all still regular people. It is unfair to YOU, if you are constantly comparing yourself to others. Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER guilty of this as well, but what I’m trying to say is that we all need to make an effort to appreciate who we are as individuals and stop the comparison game.

A blogger I follow always posts her clothing sizes when she lists things and she’s a size 23-34. Really? That is approximately the size of one of my thighs. Now, I’m not hating on her. Good for you girl! Maybe she’s naturally thin or she works her butt off (literally) to wear that size. Either way – good for her. But for ME to wear a size 24 I would have to never eat again and give up my butt. Odds are, neither of those are happening any time soon. But there is a second, when I look at her shopping haul for the week, where I think “OMG she’s so thin. And I’m not.”


Why do we do that to ourselves?

Why not just say “She is so thin and fabulous  and I love those shorts! I wonder if they have them in my size?”? Why do we instantly go into the comparison game?

So this is my call to action. Not only for you all but for myself. My goal of 2018 (after reading the power of habit book this month) is to maintain a positive self image. I’m starting with not saying “snarky” things about myself or my relationships out loud. Things like “I look huge” or “I guess she likes you better”. Instead focusing on the positive “my new reddish hair looks super fun” and “She was so happy to see me when I got home”. Step One is saying TRUE things out loud that are positive.

Step Two is changing the way I think. This step will ALWAYS be a challenge, but I (and my guess is many of you out there) need to work on thinking about the good instead of the bad. Being proud of someones craftiness, does not mean that I have to be disappointed in my own. I can appreciate the goodness in others, or parts or me, without focusing on the negative. I just need to decide to do it.

One last thing (in this otherwise really preachy and long blog post) – If you are an internet troll or the kind of person whose inner jerk is unleashed by the confidence you gather from your computer screen, give up. 1. Your horrible comments will not bring us down. 2. You’re only hurting yourself.

I am officially anti-hater. I am pro-people. I am pro-you. I am pro-me. Bring on the fabulousness of other people. I can handle it.



Spring It On Challenge

I’m jumping into the last week of Spring it On like…

I would guess most of you know I teach Barre, TBC, and Pre/Post Natal at The Barre Code, but if not…now you do 🙂 I love my studio for so many reasons.

1. It is an incredible community of women who ACTUALLY care about each other. Seriously, everyone says Hi to each other, asks about each others lives, talks about vacations, and is really just there to have a good time.

2. I prefer it to other Barre studios because of the plethora of classes we offer. Its not just barre/yoga/pilates. Its also kickboxing (brawl), Dance (barre-dio), High Intensity (HIIT), Total Body Conditioning (TBC), and Barre/Yoga/Pilates. I came for the Brawl, I stayed for the incredible community.

3. We’re all about YOU! How to get your body in the right position, how to modify for your injuries/needs, how to get the most out of YOUR workout and health. I love the client focus and I think its part of why I’ve stuck around as long as I have. It’s empowering to feel that you can go workout and it will be customized to you.


Anyways, three times a year (ish) we do a 3 week challenge where the goal is to take 15+ classes in 21 days. I actually got started at the studio by doing a 3 week challenge, and then the Owner asked if I’d want to be an instructor. The rest is history.

We’re 2 weeks through this year’s and it will be my 6th challenge (not to mention my 4th Pregnant). It’s crazy looking back on the challenges and the incredible group of women I am lucky enough to surround myself with. So even though I’m 34 Weeks pregnant, I’ll be finishing the challenge at 35. This week is Restore so tomorrow we have a 75 min Yoga Flow class that I’m really excited about, even though I know this bump will be partially in the way LOL. There is just no avoiding it now.

This is not a sponsored post, honestly this is just a review. I took Barre at 2 other studios (that I won’t name) and HATED it. The class, the workout, the atmosphere. I felt out of place, out of shape, and out of the loop. It was TERRIBLE. I had vowed never to take another one. Luckily, my studio won the Best in Plano for their Brawl (kickboxing/barre) class and I was tempted to try it. Without that article I’d have NEVER gotten into it, and I would be missing out.

What do you guys do to stay in shape? While/While not pregnant. Do you enjoy it? I find making friends at a small studio keeps me WAY more engaged than just going to a big gym.



Friday 5

It’s Fri-YAY again! Which means it’s time to share 5 things about myself that you may not know. It’s always a little weird to try to come up with these. I don’t want to repeat old ones, but I also feel like I’m pretty open so there isn’t a ton I feel like you don’t know LOL. With only 7 weeks left until Everett arrives, I feel like I am so unprepared. Kind of how I feel coming up with 5 facts. Anyways, here they are.

  1. My Nephew and my daughter were born 6 days apart. So when I feel overwhelmed that my kids will be 1 year apart, I think…and Ashton. He’s the same age too. It’s a very expensive birthday month.
  2. My whole family is born on holidays. Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas, Valentines, Good Friday, Easter, etc. Some were “planned” some were not. But somehow it always works out that way.
  3. I love pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They might be my favorite food. I can’t buy them because I’ll eat the whole tube. Last night I made David go buy me some. Don’t worry. They’re all gone now LOL
  4. My favorite color is white. This is always a source of debate. Is white a color? Is it the absence of color? Can your favorite color be not color? Yes. Mine is white. It’s pretty, clean, makes me feel tan, and looks fabulous in basically every situation. It’s a thing.
  5. I’m a total nerd (maybe this one doesn’t surprise you), but I love sci-fi and fantasy books/movies, comics, video games, math, you name it. I could probably crush Harry Potter or LOTR trivia any day of the week. And tell you some pretty weird stuff in elvish. Yeah. #nerdalert

Hope my list made you smile and maybe giggle a little. My husband told me “the reason people will follow you is because you’re such a dork. Be you. Weird and kinda quirky.” So there you go. Quirkiness complete. Write your own Friday 5 with #Friday5 and I’ll comment.

LINKS: Top  –  Leggings  –  Shoes  –  Kenzie’s Jumper (Sold out so here is one similar by same brand)



Friday 5

Hey Everyone!

FRI YAY!! Finally the end of the week! Work has been a bit slower this week (which I needed) and I’ve been able to wrap my head around the next 8 weeks and how I plan to spend them before we have #twoundertwo in the house (really two under one but who’s keeping track 😂).

At the request of a friend, I decided I’m going to start sharing 5 things about me every Friday that you may not know. That way, you guys can get to know me a little better. If you share back (in comments or on IG) just use the hashtag: #Friday5 so I can find you!

1. I studied Math and Economics in college because they were my favorite subjects. I later became certified to teach but never used it (so sad).

2. I met my husband when I was 19 and he was 27. The age gap seemed WAY more daunting then and tbh I don’t think either of us expected to stay together forever. But when you know – you know.

3. I am an analyst who works in the “boring” corporate world by day  and a mom/fitness instructor by night. I love working out and being healthy (its an addiction I’ve formed over many years) and love being able to share that in my free time. Balancing it, my day job, and being a Mom has been really hard for me (and would’ve been impossible without my incredible husband}.

4. I was pescatarian for years (I didn’t eat any meat except fish, but still have dairy & eggs), then went back to animal diet shortly before graduating college, and now I try not to eat meat or dairy at all. I feel SO much better when I don’t, but sometimes…in the right circumstances…temptation hits. Sometimes I want chicken nuggets. Or a cupcake. And so I eat them. *Shrug* Life is all about balance right?

5. I don’t like French fries. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like potato chips either. Yes…I know I’m weird. This actually predates my “health craze”. Even as a child I didn’t like them. My mom is still scarred by my rejection of McDonalds.

Hopefully this helped you get to know me more! I’d love to hear some things about you all as well!



Everett’s Bohemian Baby Shower

Today we were able to celebrate my baby boy-to-be Everett at the historic courthouse in downtown McKinney. It was a wonderful time with friends and family and we are so blessed to be able to bring our baby boy into such a love filled group! Sometimes it is so easy to feel alone in parenthood. You’re the only one who’s child sometimes acts like a brat. You’re the only one who feels overwhelmed at the idea of having two children under one. You’re the only one who is exhausted and sleep deprived. It is always nice to sit surrounded by friends and family that love you, many of whom have felt exactly how you feel.

We had so much fun decorating the venue and putting Everett’s cute little tee-pee on display! Then, in true Kendall fashion, I bought too much food (haha). We had taco soup, 3 charcuterie boards, a build-your-own trail mix bar, sangria, and 2 cakes. FAR too much food, but thank heavens for leftovers. We’ll be eating well for weeks (and my lucky coworkers will get cake on Monday – if its in my house I’ll eat it all…so ill take it to work).

The decor was so fun! Very light and earthly with lots of vines, moss, ivy, twinkle lights, and (of course) we provided crowns & flower crowns to accessorize with. LOL.


I had a wonderful time with everyone and feel so lucky for the generous gift we received from friends and family. Having a baby can seem overwhelming but there are definitely some items with Kenz that we found were VERY helpful in mitigating the worst parts of a newborn. Luckily we’ll have them for Baby E.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! it was a LONG day (I’m currently in PJs laying in bed counting down the moments until I can curl up and go to sleep) but I’m so thankful!!



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