National Best Friend Day – Friday 5

Hi I’m Cori, Kendall’s Bestie! In honor of National Best Friend Day I am sharing 5 facts about our Friendship!  

  1. We met when we worked at a fitness club in college, I worked the front desk & Kendall was on the aquatics team. She didn’t like me at first (silly 19 year old girl things, we got over it) Our friendship was cemented when I bought her a shot glass while I was on a trip in Florida. 
  1. We also bonded over our love of all things Harry Potter, we have seen 5 of the 8 movies together (at midnight). For Kendall’s 24th Birthday we went to Harry Potter world. All our Harry Potter Dreams came true! It is seriously the most amazing place, and I know we are both dying to go back!
  1. I called that Kendall would marry her husband David the day she met him. When they first met David made a joke about how stubborn Kendall was, it did not go over well and she came into my job at the time huffing and puffing about how she could not believe that this guy would make that kind of joke! When she calmed down the only response I had was “So you’re going to marry him then right?” 
  1. Kendall & I are complete opposites. I think it confuses some people on how we get along so well but we are the true definition of opposites attract. I am very much an introvert until you get to know me, I like my alone time and large groups can easily overwhelm me. Kendall on the other hand thrives in large groups and loves meeting new people, she will tell you her life story and not think twice about it. I like to joke that the way an introvert makes friends is that they get adopted by an extrovert, and Kendall is 100% my extrovert! She has also pushed me to be more outgoing so yay for that!
  1. I found out about both of Kendall’s pregnancies in a restaurant, with her 1st I thought she was mad at me because she hadn’t talked to me in like 4 days, when in reality she was afraid she would tell me, and it was very early on. So when we went to lunch and she told me while we were standing in line, I cried and made a scene in the middle of the restaurant. With her 2nd I randomly asked her, jokingly might I add if she was pregnant while we were at lunch and she got this deer in the headlights look and goes “how did you know?!?!”. 

I feel so lucky to have meet Kendall and the fact that we have been friends for so long! Happy National Best Friends Day!!! 


Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5 is going to be all about 5 accounts I love that you should follow (yeah I’m bossy like that JK). Going into Memorial Day weekend, we’re taking a road trip up to Oklahoma to visit one of Dave’s sisters for a few days (‘m REALLY excited to get out of the house, go do some new things, and spend time with family). So to tide you over until I get back, even though I’ll probably still post the whole time, here are some accounts I obsess over:


Brittany Dawn – She’s super chill, eats donuts, but is of course a fitness whiz and looks amazing. I love her account, and if you’re a starbucks addict like I am, she is always positing new drinks.


Pinteresting Plans – she posts the cutest (and affordable) outfits! Plus she’s super down to earth and real.


Lauren Kay Sims – she is the who’s who of shopping/fashion bloggers. Always on top of sales and with great taste – if you want to buy more than you need…she’s the gal to follow. And she’s expecting her first baby. YAY!


RRAYYME – ugh. This girl. Remi is so cute, into fitness, great hair, always dressed super well, and about holistic natural skin care. I love her.


Amber Fillerup – Last but not least this is the woman who made me want to be a blogger. She has fabulous hair (owns an extension company), her family is too cute, and she is so fashion forward.

Hope you like these accounts too as they’re my faves!



Friday 5

Friday again so soon? Crazy how fast the weeks are flying by with Dave and I both being home with the kids. Already 3 of Dave’s 8 weeks of paternity are gone and I’m not ready to lose him to work yet! I love having us all home to go on walks, work on projects, and eat all our meals together. Plus when he goes back Kensington goes back to part time daycare and I’m going to miss her so much! Anywho – here are my 5 facts for this week:

  1. I love to cook. I’m not as huge of a fan of the dishes part (I’m more of a stack them until you run out of room in the sink type of person) but I really enjoy cooking. I had a slight obsession with baking in high school & college but I always find that by the time I’m done cooking whatever I’m making I no longer want it (probably because I eat half the batter during the process LOL) so I became a fan of cooking meals in general as we started a family. It’s my way of giving to the table and enjoying the process. Plus I love it when David likes what I cook.
  2. I think I’ve had my hair every color. It’s been platinum, medium, and dirty blonde, brown, auburn, red, black, and blue. I think only the “rainbow” colors have been excluded this far (but I’d love to have my hair pink. I told David if any of my books ever got published I was dying my hair pink as a reward).
  3. Which brings me to: I really enjoy reading/writing and have written 3 full length books no-one will ever see lol. I’ve tried to get 2 of them published with no success so they live on my laptop taunting me. I’ve thought about self publishing but theres so much pressure – if people did read it then I’d HAVE to finish the series even if it made no money and only 5 people read it. Not sure I want that commitment yet. Maybe when I have some more free time…
  4. Working out is my equivalent of valium. It keeps me super calm and without it I have a really short fuse. I think that’s why even though Everett is only 2 weeks old I’m walking or working out every day. Cause otherwise I’d lose my mind.
  5. I hate breastfeeding. I do it because its good for the baby and good for me (plus I don’t like the idea of my kids drinking formula with the first ingredient being high fructose corn syrup and the second being milk) but I hate every minute of it. With Kenzie I only made it 2.5 weeks. It was terrible – my goal for Everett is 6 weeks and already I’m counting the days. It takes so much time, I retain water something fierce, I ache, and it makes me really sleepy. I wish I was one of those moms that “loves the natural process” but I’m not.

So these are my acts for the week. Nothing earth shattering but a bit of a “peek behind the curtain” so to speak. Share your 5 facts with #Friday5.



It’s My Birthday – Friday 5

Today is my birthday – YAY – and I’m celebrating by spending the day at home with the kids, eating cinnamon rolls (shocking I know), and getting dinner with some friends. I figured I would do a special “birthday” edition of my five facts and talk about some of my favorite birthday memories.

  1. 3 years ago my wonderful husband and friends took me to Harry Potter world. I’m the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan and was totally overwhelmed/overexcited/jazzed the whole time. I got to get my wand in Ollivanders, the goblins at Gringotts, and ride a virtual broom. Probably the best birthday ever.
  2. 6 years ago my husband rented a limo and took me and a bunch of our friends bar hopping in uptown. It was our first “big” birthday celebration together and we had such a great time.
  3. 4 years ago we went to Pete’s Piano bar…I’d never been and OMG we had so much fun. We sang (off-key) and drank far too much. What happens in pete’s…stays at pete’s.
  4. My 5th grade birthday party – super throwback but you can’t imagine how cool it was. My mom was always throwing AMAZING parties for us on birthdays, halloween, valentines day, you name it. And when I was graduating 5th grade (my birthday obvi falls at the end of the school year), we rented out the giant club house in our neighborhood, had a DJ, invited all of my friends, I got fire engine red hair extensions, and felt like the coolest kid in the world.
  5. Both of my birthdays with my children. They were each born within one month of me so the last 2 years I’ve gotten to celebrate with a newborn. Having children is such a blessing and I’m so glad to share it with them.

These are some of my fondest birthday memories (although I’m sure I could think of a dozen others from my adolescence). How do you all celebrate your special days?



Friday 5 – Delivery Edition

I can’t believe its Friday (all of the days this week have sort of blended together), but it is a very important Friday. MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. Yeah – nerdy Star Wars reference. You’re welcome. But more importantly than that, it is our son’s first Friday in the world so in his honor instead of just doing 5 facts about me (do you guys feel like you know me super well by now?) I’m going to do 5 facts about Pregnancy/Delivery that I didn’t know before I had babies, but wish I had. I do solemnly swear NOT to give you gory gross weird facts. Just some slightly odd facts. and stuff. So here we go…

  1. Your nipples get bigger. And Darker. Sometimes. I felt like this was WAY more pronounced with my first child but it’s basically for your blind-as-a-bat baby to find the milk and the right place to latch. I felt SO weird when it first happened but don’t worry – they shrink back down after you’re done breast feeding.
  2. It takes a YEAR after birth for everything to make its way back into its original place. Think about it: your Uterus moved up into your tummy to make space for baby and pushed everything else out of the way. You are not going to walk out of the hospital feeling 100% with your organs and tummy back in place. It just ain’t gonna happen. Give your body some time.
  3. Epidurals – the Lidocaine they give you before your epidural…hurts. A Lot. like a lot a lot. My sister in law actually gets her epidurals WITHOUT the lidocaine (and she has four kids!). I’m not that brave so I still get it but it hurts. Prepare yourself.
  4. Labor can take a long time. Even if you are on Pitocin, even if you’ve been having contractions, your body might just struggle with it. My first delivery took 23 hours. 23 hours! And all but the final hour of it was just getting my body to respond to Pitocin and dilate. Now my second delivery was only 8 hours, 1 hour of which was waiting for the doc and holding the baby in, and I didn’t even need Pitocin, but every pregnancy is different. Just don’t plan to be in and out in a matter of minutes. Not a thing.
  5. Babies are gross. They look like little old men when they are born, their skin peels off, and their first poop… man. Make sure you change it right away (it looks like black tar and if you let it harden it can take an act of God to help you get it off – and lead to a crying baby)! BUT – the second you hold them, and realize that you just birthed a baby, your heart gets a little bigger to make room for them. I will tell you – for me personally – the whole “as soon as I held him I was in love” thing didn’t really happen. Now as soon as I held him I knew I would jump in moving traffic to protect him, and I did love him, but there was no “instant super deep connection”. With both of my kids it took time to develop those deep bonds and feelings. So if you have your baby and think “I’m not feeling it, everyone said I would feel it” – you. are. not. alone. I have a stronger connection with my daughter right now than my son, but I’ve known her longer. I feel like that makes sense. But they are both my kids, I love them and would do anything for either of them. But for me it wasn’t instant. **That being said – if at any point you feel like hurting yourself or your child or apathetically leaving them somewhere this can be a sign of postpartum depression. It is a real (and really serious) thing. I have friends who have gone through it and it is ROUGH. Do not hesitate to call your doctor. Do not hesitate to tell your husband. Do not chalk it up to “I’m tired”. Do what is best for you and your family. Love and support in abundance from me to you.


So that’s my 5 facts for this week. Maybe you knew all of this, maybe not, but I feel like each time I do this crazy thing (you know…having a baby) I learn something new. Was there anything you thought was weird and learned in your delivery? Comment below! I’d love to hear!


Friday 5

It’s Friday! My last Friday as the mom of only one child, next week (come hell or high water) we will have two children. While I am INCREDIBLY ready to be not-pregnant, I’ll admit to some trepidation regarding having two kids (especially so young), but I’m sure it’ll be great. Or at the very least manageable LOL. So for this last solo-mom Friday I’ll share not only my 5 facts about me, but also my 5 things you might want to have for after-birth (yeah…its a thing).

  1. On my side of the family everyone is born on holidays: Mothers day, Fathers Day, Easter, Christmas, Good Friday, you name it. MOST of them were unscheduled – just the way it happened. Everett might be the first who isn’t…we shall see.
  2. I have a terrible fear of ants. You can thank growing up with Texas Fire Ants for that, but every since I was attacked by a colony (300 ant bites to be clear) I have a terrible fear of them. To the point where I pretty much don’t venture into my yard. Even though my husband kills them. And my 3rd favorite animal is now an anteater. I wish we had a pet one.
  3. I have written 3 full length books. You can’t buy any of them, or find them on google, but they exist. One I co-wrote with a friend in college, one I didn’t like when it was done, and one I’ve tried to get published but to no avail. Eventually I might self publish but right now it lives only on my computer. They’re all Paranormal/Fantasy.
  4. I used to water ski competitively. I joke that I should’ve been a mermaid because I feel more at home in a pool/lake/ocean than I do on land (not to mention I’m far more graceful). But I slaloms skied (one 1 through a course) basically from the time I could walk until I was in high school. I even attended a competitive ski school in Louisiana to improve.
  5. I am incredibly not-crafty. I want to be. I feel like I should be. But whatever patience is required to have pretty handwriting, or do chalkboards, or school projects, I don’t have it. I get frustrated and end up speeding through. Sorry kids – looks like you’re own for homework in the future.


And as promised the 5 things you want to have for after-birth:

  1. Dermoplast spray. yeah…for..ya know. Trust me – they’ll give you some at the hospital but I went ahead and ordered some off amazon to have when I got home. Glad I did (that’s why its #1).
  2. Large Pads. Before my first kid I was like “omg my period is super light I won’t need those”. Lies. You need them. Potentially longer than you think (I bled for 7 weeks).
  3. Tylenol. What they give you in the hospital is…you guessed it…tylenol. Have more at home. JIC.
  4. Lanisoh Pads. If you’re planning to breastfeed get these ahead of time. Slip them in your bra, throw them away when done. Easy.
  5. All Natural Nipple Cream/Balm. THey’re gonna get dry. They’re potentially gonna crack. And honestly I found that just putting the cream helped them feel better when they were A-OK. Come prepared.

BONUS ITEM: In the case of a natural birth (and potentially bad episiotomy) get a donut. For your sits. I was lucky not to need this the first round (and hopefully won’t this round) but my mom and a few of my friends have had episiotomies gone bad – and then you’ll wish you had one. I bought one JIC and keep it in my bathroom.



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Friday 5

It’s Friday again and time for 5 facts about me. Sadly this week I am working from home because Kensington is sick (again) and has a terrible fever. Right now she is terrorizing her bookcase and grabbing all of the books off to throw on the floor. #readingtime LOL

  1. I actually didn’t drink coffee UNTIL I was pregnant. The first round (and second) I had such terrible headaches that my doctor recommended consuming more caffeine to keep them at bay. Now I can’t imagine life without it.
  2. I love tattoos but am TERRIFIED of piercings. I don’t know why. Something about being stabbed repeatedly doesn’t freak me out but the needle going through my skin – super weird. One time I got 2 tattoos back to back and then my nose pierced. I passed out during the piercing but as totally fine for both tattoos. I know. I’m weird.
  3. Related: I have 5 tattoos. I’ll definitely get at least 2 more (one for the kids and a mountain range I’ve wanted for a while in honor of my new last name) but for now I’m holding off. I really love the artistry, but I try to keep mine small and inconspicuous both for work and I just prefer dainty tattoos. Something about the juxtaposition of a small feminine tattoo – I like it.
  4. I have SUPER sensitive skin. Like really terrible. I can’t use ANY lotions (something about the cream makes me break out something fierce) so I have to use oils & serums exclusively. The only lotion I’ve ever been able to use longer term had a lot of Salicylic acid in it to counter the effects. And I break out ANY time I change anything in my skin care routine. It’s really annoying. And I fear for wrinkles (on account of the whole can’t use lotion thing).
  5. This is the longest my hair has ever been. Both from dye (since it’s normally blonde) and my obsession with change (I cut it probably every 3-6 months dramatically) it’s never made it much further past my shoulders. This is by far the longest it’s ever been (at the urging of my husband) and I threaten to cut it off almost daily. I love the way it looks but its a huge pain (especially with kids).

Also as part of my Friday 5 – in honor of #4 above I’m sharing 5 of my favorite Skin Care products for other people with SUPER sensitive skin like mine.


This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE body scrub! it’s gentle, but you can feel it working and it’s got yummy smoothing oils in it to immediately moisturize after it exfoliates. It’s a must for me!


I love this body & face oil. I swear there is some super secret ingredient I don’t know anything about that heals basically everything. If I get red bumps, or a zit, or dry skin, or a scratch, a bit of this stuff and it’s healed. Not to mention it feels and smells so yummy for after the shower!


This spray lavender toner is awesome! Super gentle, doesn’t make me break out, all natural/vegan/cruelty free and it smells heavenly.


I love this rose face serum! it’s one of the few really hydrating products I can use without breaking out. Once again All natural (which I love) smells good, super light, and leaves my skin feeling fresh & hydrated. I use it in the mornings and mix it with my facial oil.


Last but certainly not least – this facial oil. Its made from pumpkin oil, controls my breakouts, and is light enough to use morning and night for me. I really love this brand and their whole ingredients. I want to be able to read the label and understand it.



Friday 5

It is Friday and I am in a state of panic. Because I am me (and insane) I like to do everything at once. Which means today the contractors are finishing up in the bathrooms (laying tile and taking out old vanities), I have to finish assembling the NEW vanities (which are wicked cool) to be installed tomorrow morning, AND tomorrow is Kensington’s first birthday party…at our house. Which means all of the renovations have to go PERFECTLY and I need to decorate…at some point…and cook…and stuff. So yeah – total state of panic. But its going to be fine. I’m sure.

Anywho – 5 things about me:

  1. I pretty much lack patience entirely. David makes fun of me because I can decide to do something, learn it quickly, be decisive, and then when I actually do it – I cut corners because its taking too long. I have a complete inability to sit still and wait. It’s a terrible trait – I should work on it. But that would take too long.
  2. I think I’ve had my hair pretty much every color. Maybe not ALL of them but: dark blonde, platinum blonde, Strawberry blonde, Light brown, Dark Brown, Auburn, Red (natural), Red (fire engine), Black, Blue…Yeah. Pretty much everything except pink. None of them really look terrible so I have a hard time deciding what color to keep my hair. It’s naturally a light reddish brown – if I didn’t dye it (which I didn’t Kensington’s whole first year of life – go me).
  3. I compulsively make & repeat lists. I have an “8 before 8” to do list every morning in which one of the steps is “Make daily list and tell Dave”. Yeah. And I tell him probably 2-3 times throughout the day. It annoys the heck out of him, but he still doesn’t retain it. *Shrug*
  4. Everyone kind of jokes that I can “see the unseen” if you walk me into a bare room or an outdated house – I can instantly see how it should be updated, what you could do with the space, where furniture should go. It’s a gift…of course around bonus time its a curse (that’s how I ended up turning our office into a walk in closet and renovating both bathrooms and the laundry room. Oops).
  5. I have super weird cleanliness tendencies. I don’t really care if a space is “clean” per say (unless it smells in which case…ew), BUT I really care if a place is tidy. Everything has to be put away and in it’s place. If I leave my house in the morning and I know I didn’t put stuff away it will bother me the entire day. And theres a 60% chance I go home on my lunch break and clean. It’s a problem.


Share some fun facts about you below!



Friday 5

It’s that time of the week again. People always say time flies by faster when you have kids, and seriously it totally does. Between work, Barre, playing with Kensington, prepping for Everett, I feel like time is flying by at a million miles an hour. David and I were talking last night that we have basically EVERY weekend until Baby E arrives booked solid. So it’ll be here before you know it (but not before I know it because being pregnant even one more day feels like 1000 years). In honor of kicking off this Easter weekend, I’ll give you my 5 things about me. Randomness required.

  1. I have an obsession with change. We moved a lot while I was growing up, and while I hated it back then, now I have this constant need for change. Whether it’s renovating the house, dying my hair, changing jobs, whatever, I get SUPER stir crazy each spring. And nesting makes it WAY worse. Hence why this week I dyed my hair red, booked contractors to renovate our bathrooms, and looked into buying a new car. #cray
  2. I am an autodidact. Basically this means I can self teach. When I was in college I NEVER attended class. I just read the textbooks and showed up for midterms/finals. Pretty sure most of my teachers hated me. I even missed the last final of my college career because they changed the time and I hadn’t been attending class so I didn’t know. My teacher was nice enough to still let me take it and graduate, but those nightmares people have about missing the final? I don’t have those. I lived it.
  3. I have a dream of moving to North Carolina. I’ll probably never do it, but for some reason it lives in my mind as this wonderful place to raise a family with mountains and beaches and beautiful seasons. I’ve never even been there, but its one of those places I’ve built up in my mind as perfect. My husband is a Texan (and more specifically a Dallasite) through and through. But a girl can dream.
  4. I was terminally late BEFORE having a baby. Since having a child? I’m always early. LOL. Probably the only person ever to have switched in that direction.
  5. I bullet journal obsessively. I really like lists (I would argue that I probably have minor anxiety and that being organized keeps it at bay but who knows) and tracking my progress, to-dos, and appointments but for some reason a pre-made calendar never works for me. So each week I make my own spread, I track my stuff, and I get a little piece of mind from the fact that I know its all in one place. I have monthly, fitness, meal, habit, weekly, and baby trackers galore (please tell me you sang that to the tune of thingamajigs from little Mermaid) not to mention a separate journal for Church & a big monthly calendar for my blog. Yeah – you could say I’m OCD.

That’s my 5 facts for this week. Feel free to share yours below or on IG and tag them #Friday5.



Friday 5

Hey Everyone!

FRI YAY!! Finally the end of the week! Work has been a bit slower this week (which I needed) and I’ve been able to wrap my head around the next 8 weeks and how I plan to spend them before we have #twoundertwo in the house (really two under one but who’s keeping track 😂).

At the request of a friend, I decided I’m going to start sharing 5 things about me every Friday that you may not know. That way, you guys can get to know me a little better. If you share back (in comments or on IG) just use the hashtag: #Friday5 so I can find you!

1. I studied Math and Economics in college because they were my favorite subjects. I later became certified to teach but never used it (so sad).

2. I met my husband when I was 19 and he was 27. The age gap seemed WAY more daunting then and tbh I don’t think either of us expected to stay together forever. But when you know – you know.

3. I am an analyst who works in the “boring” corporate world by day  and a mom/fitness instructor by night. I love working out and being healthy (its an addiction I’ve formed over many years) and love being able to share that in my free time. Balancing it, my day job, and being a Mom has been really hard for me (and would’ve been impossible without my incredible husband}.

4. I was pescatarian for years (I didn’t eat any meat except fish, but still have dairy & eggs), then went back to animal diet shortly before graduating college, and now I try not to eat meat or dairy at all. I feel SO much better when I don’t, but sometimes…in the right circumstances…temptation hits. Sometimes I want chicken nuggets. Or a cupcake. And so I eat them. *Shrug* Life is all about balance right?

5. I don’t like French fries. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like potato chips either. Yes…I know I’m weird. This actually predates my “health craze”. Even as a child I didn’t like them. My mom is still scarred by my rejection of McDonalds.

Hopefully this helped you get to know me more! I’d love to hear some things about you all as well!



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