Outdoor Voices & Barre

The studio I teach at (Barre Code Plano for any of my Dallas Natives) kicked off their SPF 2018 Challenge this weekend – the goal is to take 15 classes in 21 days encouraging clients to try new class formats and really commit to their health – with an outdoor Barre class on the boardwalk. It was sponsored by Outdoor Voices (including my super cute outfit) and a super fun time. Going to review the outfit I was gifted to wear, Union Bear where we had brunch after, and Barre in general.



First Off, Outdoor Voices. So I have been seeing their outfits EVERYWHERE and was super excited to try them out. The outfit I wore is linked above and was super nice! even outside in 100 degree heat and the sun it wasn’t too hot, provided ample compression, and was super cute. I will say for me personally the thighs were a little tight but the waist fit TTS (a friend of mine got high waisted and in hind sight I wish I had too – if you’re a high waist fan opt for the higher band) and the material was constrictive (in a  good way) without being too hot. And for a girl who just had a baby and did NOT want to wear a crop top – pretty flattering đŸ™‚


Second, Union Bear Restaurant & Brewery. Super cool atmosphere, on the new boardwalk in Plano/Frisco, and an excellent drink menu (the mimosa was wonderful after a scorching barre class). The negative for me – basically ZERO plant based options. Everything had meat, cheese, or eggs in it as a main ingredient so I found it pretty hard to eat, but my husband and friends all loved their meals and it spoke well to their eclectic menu. Definitely a cool place to hang out and enjoy a patio.


Last, but certainly not least, Barre in general. Barre challenges me in a way no other workout has. Small controlled movements with mind muscle connection that leaves you shaking in the wind. The studio I work at is awesome because it also offers Total Body Conditioning (like barre meets bootcamp), Brawl & interval Brawl (cardio Kickboxing with some barre thrown in), Barre-Did (dancing), and BarRestore (barre meets yoga) so you can get basically every type of workout you want under one roof. Not to mention the community is so incredible. I have made more friends through the studio than any other group in my life.



Post Partum Recovery & Exercise

I’ve written before about how exercise and working out are my “Stress relievers”, which makes post part 4-6 weeks of recovery TORTURE. I understand the importance of taking it easy and giving yourself time to heal (If you had a C-Section this is EVEN MORE important. I’ve been lucky to have natural births with no complications both times so my recovery was much less intense.) but it’s so hard for me when I need that stress relief. I figured today would be a good time to talk about what exercise I DO during the 4-6 week recovery period, what I don’t, and my mental struggles during this time. I’m sure you other mamas can relate.

Exercises I DO:

  • Upper Body – lucky my arms didn’t have a baby SO I get to do some upper body work. I have been doing Peloton & Barre 10 min upper body workouts with 3 pounds weighs. Nothing super heavy (since that can strain your back/core which ARE recovering) but a lot of holds, small intense movements like pulses, and some core stabilization work.
  • Lower Body – Traditional Barre moves like Pencil, Open Pencil, and Narrow V are SUPER intense in your quads, but actually protect your back from intense support (as long as you tuck) and engage your core minimally for stabilization. I’ve been doing 12 min of legs (4 min of each position with 8 moves in the series) to work my Quads/Calves/Glutes without stressing my back or increasing my heart rate too much. I am avoiding intense stabilization moves like lunges or squats for now.
  • Core – This round I had Diastasis Recti so I’ve been doing stabilization and minimal engagement core moves to help repair the damage. Some of my favorites are: Heel Taps, Bird Dogs, Incline Plank, Side Plank Holds/Pulses, and Glute Bridges (gets you a little more glue action too).
  •  Cardio – Long walks. This is Texas. It’s hot & sweaty outside. Walking is a good way to get some sun, shed some water weight, and getting a bit of cardio/leg work. Try pushing a double stroller the whole time and find a path with elevation changes. It’s a great low intensity workout.

Exercises I avoid:

  • Upper – Anything with Heavy weight that can put you off balance (since your center of gravity is readjusting) or stress your back (like standing Heavy curls, overhead press, or Back Flys).
  • Lower – Cardio or Back intensive moves like Squats, Lunges/Jump Lunges, Anything with added weight, or Deadlifts.
  • Core – crunches/Sit Ups – DO NOT DO CRUNCHES DURING YOUR RECOVERY PERIOD! Same with any Oblique twists/russian twists. This can exacerbate Diastasis Recti or even cause it during post part recovery. Wait until you’re fully cleared for activity before you start these moves.
  •  Cardio – Intense Cycling or Running. I’m waiting until my bleeding stops for these.

Right now I am SO TEMPTED to go take a barre class but Im worried about pushing myself too soon. I would also love to cycle or go for a jog but I don’t want to push myself too hard too fast and extend my recovery period. I’ve also been wearing a recovery girdle 1-2 hours a day to help my uterus shrink back down a bit faster, and breastfeeding to help lose weight/burn calories and shrink my Uterus. Breastfeeding and exercising is tough but it’s been so much easier this time with my Mama Sports Bra. It unclips for easy access, provides a ton of support, and is WAY more comfortable than my other nursing bras. I ended up buying a second one lOL.


Does anyone else struggle with taking 4 week off working out? It’s especially hard because I can see the loose skin/fat on my low belly/inner thighs and I want it gone asap. After you have a baby you expect your body to go back to how it was even though logically you know it takes time, I don’t want to wait 12 months for all my organs to get back in the right spot and lose the weight even though logically I know I have to. Patience is HARD during post part recovery. You’re not alone. It takes time.

Pink Fly-Kendall-98

For me, I also want to feel sexy for my husband. I’ve been pregnant and huge and feeling gross for 9 months. Now I can get back to confidence, and strength, and…yes…sexiness and I want to as quickly as possible. My husband is wonderful at reinforcing my self-esteem with compliments (even when I feel like a busted can of biscuits), but internally I want to get back to where I feel my best. But it’s all a journey, it takes time, and you can’t rush it. So if any other Mamas out there are feeling frustrated – It’s not just you. Take your time, be healthy, and it will come.



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My Fitness Journey

I’ve written about some of my past fitness…decisions before, but thought I would touch on it again. Growing up my mom was a dietician so I knew about healthy eating and exercise, but like all adolescents didn’t REALLY grasp the importance (and even had a phase in high school where I pretty much ate 2 chocolate chip cookies a day…and that was all). For me “health” and “weight” was synonymous.

Fast forward past college, I was getting married to my now husband, and I met some people through instagram and got caught up in the Herbalife movement. Now – it wasn’t bad. I ate really clean, I exercised, I learned more about nutrition than I ever had in my life, and even did my first fitness competition. It was a period of incredible growth for me. That being said, an MLM is not for me and the more I learned about nutrition the less I wanted to drink really processed soy based shakes. Not hating on the company (I still have friends who do it who are in great shape) just that it ended up not being a good fit for me.

Then I was doing competitions with REALLY strict diets and A LOT of workouts. It wasn’t good for my mental health (or my marital health – its hard when you’re at the gym all the time, can’t eat/drink together, and your spouse doesn’t share your interest. Props to couples who rock it, but it wasn’t for us). It ended up making me a bit obsessive with my weight and then eventually totally burned out on exercise. It sucked all the fun out of it for me.

Introducing what I will call “current life stage”. I found Barre Code – which for me personally was more than a gym – it was a mentality shift. They really focus on strength and power, and not on body image or weight. I also met a bunch of ladies who eat well 90% of the time, workout regularly, and then go get pizza and margs. My kind of people. It really helped me changed my mindset from “eat less to lose weight and do tons of cardio” to “eat with balance and workout to become stronger”.


Want the proof? I weigh 22 pounds LESS my second pregnancy (my kids will be exactly 1 year apart so I only had 3 months of not being pregnant in between). Now, I also try to avoid meat and dairy now (I’m not vegan just wary) and I exercised very consistently this pregnancy, but a lot of that is my current mentality. I want my WHOLE FAMILY to be healthy and active, not on a diet and running all the time.

I’m not sharing this as an attempt to say “do what I do – I’m the best and all the other things are wrong”. No. What I’m trying to share is that it is a JOURNEY. It took time for me to start to really like myself and my body. It took time for me to find what healthy and balance looked like for me. It took doing things that didn’t work for me, to really appreciate what did. And I will probably change again in the future because…it is a JOURNEY. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Try something new, strive for balance, and find a girl gang that makes you FEEL GOOD. I’m here if you need me.



Kensington’s First Birthday

When the party, cake smash, and gifts are all done ahead of time, what is there to do for an incredible little girl turning 1?


Today Kensington was woken up with her favorite breakfast: Pancakes & Bananas (with a candle and a song of course) as well as gold glitter balloons. She was already in a great mood and the festivities only made her happier!

She wore her cute “One” -sie from Kookaburra shop while we played & ate!

After breakfast we decided on an impromptu trip to the Dallas Aquarium where we had a blast! David carried her on his chest and we were able to look at all the animals and fish! She really loved seeing all of the different creatures.


It was such a great special day. David bought her an anteater stuffed toy (that she loves even though it’s totally ridiculous) and she chewed on it and played with it the rest of the day. We ended dup going out to lunch and ice cream before heading home.

Then – some real talk – she’s had a cough on and off for the last 3 days that has us a bit worried. When she got home she napped, and then during dinner choked on a piece of food, her face turned purple, and she threw up everywhere. *Shrug* While Mom was slightly terrified (try jumping out of your seat, patting her on the back, freaking out internally while trying to appear calm), sometimes thats just how things go. She got a bath, mom got to clean the floor, and then we were all good as she played the rest of the night. As far as she is concerned – not a bad go at this birthday business.

Next year I think we’ll try to do without the near death experience but all in all a pretty great day.



Spoons: Downtown McKinney Restaurant

Who doesn’t love food? *looks around suspiciously for the people she needs to unfollow* I’m a HUGE foodie, and even more so brunch-ie (is that a thing? It should be). So when my husband and I moved back to the McKinney-Allen area after a few years in Rockwall, I really wanted to try some of the “best restaurants” in downtown McKinney. Spoons comes up on basically every list so it seemed like a good place to start.

First off – if you like breakfast food, their breakfast menu is amazing and comprehensive. I love the “Diner” type menu with real down home southern cooking. For me however it was a bit of a struggle (some of you already probably know this but I try to avoid meat and dairy – not ideal for a diner type menu), BUT their vegetarian sandwich. HUBBA HUBBA. It was so good! I got it with the tomato soup (ended up taking the cheese off but I’m sure there was still some cream in the base) and they were both very good & filling. HIGHLY Recommend.

Then the lovely lady sitting next to me had a HUGE slice of strawberry cake. I tend to like fruit based desserts more than chocolate/vanilla so I was curious. She actually offered me a bite (people are so kind) and I was sold. Introducing Strawberry cake. I don’t recommend ordering it…you will eat it all. Like I did. Shamefully. LOL.


After a delicious meal, I sat outside on their small patio and enjoyed a coffee (their menu has some custom made drinks that are pretty amazing) before headed home. It was a great place to people watch and look at the shops. I will definitely be going back! If for no other reason than that incredible cake.




*This is not a sponsored post. I just like food đŸ™‚

Kensington’s One-derland First Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Kensington’s first birthday (a week early on account of my looming due date) and it was so much fun! I had such a hard time choosing a “theme” since I’m not a huge fan of most kid themes, and I tend to like “earthy boho” vibes, but when I saw this “One-derland” theme I was totally sold. It was a very merry un-birthday indeed.


My (wonderful) husband made “Flamingo croquet” like the queen of hearts plays, lots of vintage teacups and teapots, vines, and of course “Drink me” glasses and “Eat me” cookies. It was so beautiful and fun!! We were so lucky to have close friends and family come out to spoil our baby girl!


Of course she LOVED all of the attention! Then we were able to give her, her very first dose of chocolate cake.


Before & after’s of her enjoyment:


Ultimately it was a WONDERFUL ~ ONE-DERFUL day. We are so blessed to have such an incredible baby girl to celebrate.



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Anthropologie Home at Nordstrom

In honor of Anthropologie home going live at Nordstrom, I went ahead and pulled together some of my favorite tableware from the new collection!!! Honestly, I was SUPER tempted to just purchase all new plates and bowls (I still might) but in the interim, I figured I can share my wish list with you!

The Jardiniere Oven Fit & pot Holder – UGH! How fab are those flowers??

Elena Dinner PLate

The Elena Dinner Plates. Classic. beautiful. love.

Dessert Plate

The Giada Canape Plate. Just look at it. Feminine with a touch of grey. beautiful.


Who doesn’t love the Latte bowls? Seriously. An Anthro Staple and Nordy’s has them in 2 colors.

MEasuring Spoons

Last, but certainly not least, these GORGEOUS Pippa Measuring spoons. I die.

It probably seems pretty dramatic, my love for tableware (LOL), but I may have a slight…okay very large obsession with Anthropologie’s table settings. they’re just so beautiful while being trendy and different. You can’t go wrong!



LINKS: Oven Mit Pot HolderDinner PlatesCanape PlateBowlsMeasuring Spoons

Cooking Vegan Pasta

I love to cook! I don’t always have enough time (after work, barre, and spending time with Kensington & David) so I’ll admit that I order food for delivery more than I should, but in general I really enjoy the process of cooking and then sitting down to enjoy a home cooked meal with my husband and daughter. I try not to eat any animal proteins (probably about 95% of the time), but my husband still eats meat and dairy and Kensington still eats meat on occasion. That means that when I cook, I always make a variation with meat for my husband. I don’t force him to eat like I do, but I do load up his plate/bowl with TONS of veggies.

I stumbled upon this recipe via Instagram and decided to try the white wine lemon pasta.

Vegan Pasta

It looked very good and healthy, not to mention it was easy to modify for David. So I picked up all my ingredients, sat Kenz safely in her bumbo so I could cook, and got started.

Step One: Lay out all the ingredients.


Step Two: Prepare & Chop Ingredients

Chopping 1

Step Three: Actually cook some yummy food


Step Four: EAT!

Of course, not everything happens as it should (or as I tediously plan out). Here are some of the fails I faced while trying to cook this meal:

  • I thought the quinoa/WG pasta I bought would take longer to cook. Not so – hello overcooked noodles
  • The Italian Sausage I bought Dave wasn’t the “right” kind I was expecting, but he swears it turned out fine (smart man)
  • My stovetop was out of character-ly HOT. Burned the garlic (obviously this is not the best showcase of my cooking) and had to start over

ULTIMATELY it was still really good. Dave had seconds, Kenzie ate a bunch of veggies & noodles, and I had enough in my belly to keep baby 2 happy. But real life means even though I consider myself an above average chef (but no means a pro) sometimes getting distracted by baby, trying to do too much at one time, or even just the exhaustion of the day means not everything happens perfectly. And I’m cool with that. We all ended up fed and happy and David even commented “I’m so glad you’re a good cook.” Little does he know…




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Everett’s Bohemian Baby Shower

Today we were able to celebrate my baby boy-to-be Everett at the historic courthouse in downtown McKinney. It was a wonderful time with friends and family and we are so blessed to be able to bring our baby boy into such a love filled group! Sometimes it is so easy to feel alone in parenthood. You’re the only one who’s child sometimes acts like a brat. You’re the only one who feels overwhelmed at the idea of having two children under one. You’re the only one who is exhausted and sleep deprived. It is always nice to sit surrounded by friends and family that love you, many of whom have felt exactly how you feel.

We had so much fun decorating the venue and putting Everett’s cute little tee-pee on display! Then, in true Kendall fashion, I bought too much food (haha). We had taco soup, 3 charcuterie boards, a build-your-own trail mix bar, sangria, and 2 cakes. FAR too much food, but thank heavens for leftovers. We’ll be eating well for weeks (and my lucky coworkers will get cake on Monday – if its in my house I’ll eat it all…so ill take it to work).

The decor was so fun! Very light and earthly with lots of vines, moss, ivy, twinkle lights, and (of course) we provided crowns & flower crowns to accessorize with. LOL.


I had a wonderful time with everyone and feel so lucky for the generous gift we received from friends and family. Having a baby can seem overwhelming but there are definitely some items with Kenz that we found were VERY helpful in mitigating the worst parts of a newborn. Luckily we’ll have them for Baby E.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! it was a LONG day (I’m currently in PJs laying in bed counting down the moments until I can curl up and go to sleep) but I’m so thankful!!



Favorite Pregnancy Foods

Being pregnant can be REALLY hard. I’ve been so blessed that both of my pregnancies have been really low risk with very few “bad” symptoms. I haven’t really been nauseous (although I get the WORST headaches) and I still have super high energy that allows me to workout regularly. All of this being said, when I get hungry I go from 0 to 100 like this *dramatic finger snap*. For me personally, this means I need to have foods on hand that are quick, delicious, and [sometimes] healthy. Thought I would share some of my favorite foods lately:

  • OWYN Cold Brew Coffee Protein Shakes: For all the moms out there screaming “NO CAFFEINE” at the top of your lungs – my doctor actually prescribed me to have 100mg a day as my headaches are INSANE without it. The alternative was a caffeine pill which I wasn’t wild about. Now moving on – This shake is made with plant based protein, 2 servings of veggies, 20 g of protein, a yummy coffee taste, and helps me get quick energy and healthy protein into my body at the speed of light. Its a morning staple for me.
  • Bananas: I swear bananas are a cure all. Hungry? Sore? Headache? Eat a banana – its my equivalent of “spray windex on it”.
  • Ezekiel Bread: I have a slice with jam or cinnamon toast basically every day. Helps me get some good carbs into my body without having to wait forever.
  • Eggo Chocolate chip waffles: I’ll be honest with BOTH pregnancies this was my midnight craving (lol). I sent David out to the CVS at like 11:30 one night because I wanted some so bad. 100 cals, quick, and yummy. Not really healthy but definitely a go to for me.
  • Thin Mints: In honor of Girl Scout cookie season I had to put this one on the list. Lets be honest who isn’t addicted to these little cookies?
  • My daughter’s banana puffs: Alright feel free to laugh at me here. Do any other moms out there poor a handful of puffs out for their kids and then slowly steal them?
  • Freshly Meals: I’ve been eating these for lunch on days I don’t wanna run out or have overlapping meetings. SUPER yummy and made with healthy ingredients.

Some of my favorite places to pick up dinner (when I’m just not in the mood to cook and use the “I’m pregnant” excuse):

  • Chipotle: Yeah. IDK about all those Chipotle haters out there. During my 1st pregnancy I ate there 37 days in a row. Kensington REALLY craved it lol.
  • Pei Wei: Yummy. Quick. Saturated with soy sauce. Double thumbs up.
  • Sprouts Soups: Running by the grocery on the way home? No problem. All of Sprouts soups are made with all natural ingredients and taste AH-MAZING. I really love their Roasted Red Pepper.

Hopefully this helps some of the other Mamas-to-be keep their tummies full đŸ™‚



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