NSale Restock

For all my non-card holders and people who just want to keep shopping – here are some of my FAVORITE items from the sale this year that are still in stock or have been restocked. This is awesome because at this point I’ve shopped multiple times, tried everything on, and have seen the other bloggers favorites too. Happy shopping!

Cute Botton Down top – adorable tied too!

Gorgeous Quilted Rain Boots

Love this slouchy Tunic

Fab Peep Toe Sandals

My new Fave Sunnies

This cardigan. In every color. Size Down

Such a fun flirty dress

Who doesn’t need a cute pair of over the knee tan suede boots

Comfiest Pajamas Ever

Solid pair of black jeans

Slouchy henley – looks cute tied up too

Suede Wedge Sneakers

Suede moto jacket – comes in 3 colors

Oversized sweater – so comfy

Love the appliqués on this Ted Baker Sweater (also comes in Green)

Varsity Sweater
Amazing lounging top

Love this half bootie half sandal

Leather Wedge Sneakers

Solid Pair of White Jeans




NSale Try On Session

Here are some of my Favorites from the NSale 2018! Click a Photo to shop that Item!

IMG_9666 2
So Many Cute tennis Shoes

Lavender Trench…

Not on Sale but Love this GMG Dress

Perforated Tennis Shoes are so in!

This Madewell dress is awesome

The best Cardi

Hunter Boots

Flowers and Sunshine

Love this Henley – comes in 5 colors & Jeans

Black wedge tennis shoes are my jam

Going out little black dress

Cute Summer/Fall dress

Hunter Boots

Suede Jacket in Grey

Also a link HERE for the olive green I bought

Drop Waist flower dress – Size Down

Jo Malone

Cashmere Mist

Cross Body Bags

Tory Burch Bag

Chunky Heels


Living Proof Shampoo/Conditioner

Slouchy booties in four colors

Tory Burch Flats

Wedge Tennis shoes

Chelsea Boots

IMG_0745 2
Pink Leather moto jacket & jeans

Chelsea Boots

HouseWife Dress

Rail Pajamas


Love this top and jeans

Cute Embroidered Sweater & jeans

Comfy Nordy’s PJs

Kate Spade Shades!

Love this colorful luggage

Fun Moto Jacket with removable hoodie with this awesome button down tee

Slouchy sweater – sized up to make it extra baggy

OMG thee colors – my new fave sweater & Jeans

I love all shirts that tie – so flattering & Jeans



Nordstrom Sale Tips

Basically I’ve only been a “super fan” of the Nordy’s sale for the last two years. The first year I didn’t have a card until halfway through presale and then last year I was there the first day of presale when the mall opened. This year I’m a level 4 rewards member so I got to shop a day before everyone else and it was pretty amazing. But I thought I would post some of my tips for getting the most out of the sale:

  1. Of course (obligatory) check back here first thing tomorrow morning for my picks and follow the links to buy or reserve in store!
  2. When in doubt – buy it! Things are going to sell out SUPER quick, they always do. So make sure that if you want something you buy it – the great thing about Nordstroms is their return policy so take advantage! You don’t want to miss out on something you really want and regret it.
  3. Figure out which bloggers have a similar style to you and check their stories first thing tomorrow! They’ll post what they bought today and you can see sizing tips and reserve it online in store or buy it before it sells out. You may think I’m crazy but 5 separate things I wanted were sold out before I even made it in store last year…when it opened…the first day.
  4. Also this is like the royal wedding and christmas and black friday combined. Lots of people wake up at 2am when the catalogue drops to buy stuff and a bunch of bloggers will have their stuff tagged and posted by then. Feel free to be one of these crazy people.
  5. If you’re a card holder – it can’t hurt to get a personal shopper in store (if you’re in North Dallas Lauren at Stonebriar is mine and she’s amazing). They can pull some of the things that are going quick for you to try on or even order stuff for you before you get there for pick up.
  6. If you try something on and it doesn’t fit perfect but you really love it – almost all card holders get some amount of free alterations. You can always have it taken in etc. Also ask the sales person because some clothes (like 7 jeans) ALWAYS have free Nordstroms alterations with purchase. Can’t hurt to ask.
  7. Obvi- if you can get to level 4 an extra early day of shopping is great, but don’t break the bank to do it. I only hit last year because I furnished both nurseries and got all the stroller/car seats at Nordstrom. (its a $10,000 minimum). I’m not suggesting you go into a bunch of debt in order to shop early, but they carry a ton of stuff online that they don’t in stores so it can’t hurt to check throughout the year to get those levels.

Everything hits tomorrow (7-12) for cardholders and then on the 20th for everyone else. Keep checking back here over the coming weeks for some of my favorites!



Push present: Diamond Band

In the south we like to do something called a “push present”. Basically it is where, in exchange for birthing a baby, mom gets something she wants from dad. Honestly, sounds pretty fair to me. If you’ve never heard of this don’t fret – you can tell your husband later and demand recompense 🙂

Anywho, years ago before Dave and I were even married, I read an article on Pinterest where this woman got a diamond band each time she had a child (thank god she only had 3 and not 7) and stacked them with her engagement ring. The idea was that when her kids were old enough to get married she would give them “their” ring to use in an engagement ring or a wedding band so that they each had their own and didn’t have to fight over her engagement ring. I loved the idea, so when David and I got married I told him I didn’t want a wedding band I only wanted an engagement ring, but that he would pay for it down the road. LOL

When Kensington was born I got my first band – a beautiful platinum infinity band with diamonds (convenient that Kensington’s birth stone was a diamond). I loved the way it looked with my engagement ring and figured even if platinum or infinity bands are out of style when she gets married she can always use the diamonds.

With Everett’s birth this year I wanted something to compliment my existing rings but be slightly different. His is a beautiful band with 7 round diamonds. I absolutely love it.

What were some of your push presents?



Body Image

I think everyone struggles with body image issues (if you’ve never had a stray thought about self improvement – you’re probably a terrible person). One of my favorite sayings is “Would you talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself?”. I’ve always thought that was such a good way of looking at it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think “I’m huge, I need to lose 20 lbs, my stomach is flabby” etc. and when I think about going up to a friend and telling them their “stomach looks flabby” I visibly cringe. Why do we think it’s okay to talk down to ourselves?

Part of it I think is generational. We hear our parents talk down about themselves (because we’re all human and we’d all like to improve) and then we do the same thing. And let me say – there is nothing wrong with wanting to get in better shape or focus more at work or relax and stop being so OCD. But there is a point where it is no longer about self improvement and instead becomes about self depreciation. That’s what I’m talking about.

Now I am as guilty (if not more so) than most people. It makes me think of that scene in Mean Girls “Apparently there is more than skinny or fat.” (when they’re all talking about their pores and their noses and their hips). We all fall into that trap, and I find myself doing it more and more post children when I want to magically be super thin and ready to rock a swimsuit. So how to overcome this deeply ingrained body dysmorphia? I’m not sure that we (I) can completely shake it off but I do thing there is something to be said for positivity.

Instead of looking at that picture from last night and saying “Ugh I look terrible” say “Oh you look cute!” to the other person or ” well my outfit is on point”. If you have to say something negative make it “not the best lighting” or “wish the camera angle was higher” instead of about you/your body. When we compare ourselves to those in the media – their entire job is to look good. Private chefs, personal trainers, makeup & hair teams, photographers who follow them only getting the best angles/lighting. You can’t look at them and think less of yourself. Only think well of them.

It’s dang near impossible in today’s society not to compare yourself to models/actresses/bloggers/friends/etc. but you can choose to love yourself. To think about yourself positively. Never stop trying to better yourself but do it for the right reasons and do it without tearing yourself down. Love yourself so others can love you too.



Shop my super cute dress HERE

Shop PINK Blush & their DRESSES

P.S. Currently I’m reading this Mantra to myself 3X per day while I move along my meditation bead necklace:

My body is worthy of my love

my body is fierce and fabulous

My body is strong and stable

My body is full of wisdom

My body is powerful beyond belief

My body is balanced and beautiful

My heart is full of grace

My heart can forgive and let go

My heart is open to goodness

My heart sees balance in the universe

My heart takes the good with the bad

I trust my body. I trust my heart, I trust my mind.


How To: Hair Curling Tutorial

People have been asking me how I curl my hair and what products I use to get it so long. Despite my fear (and general dislike) of being on camera I went ahead this morning and filmed my whole how to. You can watch it on my new YouTube Channel:

Here are the products I used in the video and the tags to each of them:


Its a 10 Leave in Conditioner

Skinny Serum

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum

Hot TOddy

DryBar Hot Toddy


Dyson Hair Dryer

Wet Brush

Wet Brush

Curling Iron

DryBar Curling Iron



Kensington’s First Year Pictures

We love our photographer! Anyone in the Dallas area with young kids: ModlPhotography is AMAZING! She did Kensington’s newborn pictures and we’ve been back every 6 months since LOL When Kenz turned one we wanted to memorialize it with a cake smash and some family photos and per usual she didn’t disappoint.

In honor of her “Alice in One-derland” birthday party we did some blue and white pictures. She was so cute!!! Laura said she’d never had a kid turn and ride the chair like a pony…thats my kid. haha.

We wanted to get some family pictures (and make it look like she loved her brother before he was even here LOL). Not to mention, she wanted me to model this FABULOUS dress and I jumped at the chance.


She set up this beautiful cake smash set…which Kenzie quickly destroyed.


She looked so blissfully happy though – it was TOTALLY worth the sugar crash that happened two hours later.


At the end we got this adorable milk bath picture with these super pretty flowers. She still has icing on her face but *shrug* who cares?



Taking time for yourself post-baby

With two kids under 13 months (yeah…we’re gluttons for punishment) it’s easy to get wrapped up in the kids, and keeping the house clean, and feeding everyone and all of the other Mom to-dos that come with a full house. A friend of ours says you’re not really a parent until you are on one-to-one coverage or higher and man do I agree. Having two kids is a totally different playing field than one, and we are adjusting as fast as we can. But that being said – it is SO important to take a little “me-time” to do what you love and relax.

For me, I have a few guilty pleasures that are my non-negotiables. These can be different for everyone but for me they’re:

  • Coffee – I have to have an iced Macchiato every day. Otherwise I’ll get a headache or fall asleep like a narcoleptic or just be generally cranky. Don’t come between this mama and her coffee. Thanks to my Mother’s Day gift I no longer have to run to Starbucks for coffee. My husband spoiled me with THIS amazing espresso machine and now I make my lattes at home.
  • Working out – this is my stress reliever. If I don’t workout my anxiety runs rampant and I become super tightly wound. I need the release.
  • Reading – even if it’s only 30 min a day (or right now 15 min every 3 hours when I pump) I like getting lost in a good book. I don’t really watch TV so reading cheesy teenage paranormal books is my equivalent of trash TV.
  • A good night’s sleep – not really super possible with a newborn but to the extent that I can sleep, I will. I am as close to a narcoleptic as you can be without actually falling asleep random places. I LOVE SLEEP.

I’m recommending that all Mamas out there take some time for your guilty pleasures. Carve out some time (min usually is during nap time) to workout, or read, or take a nap, but in general spend it doing something that RELAXES and resets you. NO! Dishes & laundry don’t count – I abhor an untidy house and compulsively clean but don’t waste your hour doing that. Take the time for yourself, and maybe assign a household chore or two to your husband to help. Or ask him to watch the kids for a hour so you can rest. Or take them to an hourly daycare for an hour or two a day. It’s OKAY!!!! Ask for help and don’t let your needs fall to the wayside in favor of everyone else. You’re a member of the family too and when Mama is happy: Everyone is happy.

Having kids requires comfy pajamas – that’s pretty much all I wear day & night unless I’m planning on leaving the house so here are 4 of my favorite pairs including the one I am wearing in the cover pic.



PJ2 (what I’m wearing in pink stripe) – LINK





Whats in My Cart Wednesday

It’s WEDNESDAY!! This week was a bit of a shopping week for me (too much down time while pumping and in the hospital LOL). So I’m sharing a few things I got for myself, a few things I got for the kids, and some things I’m excited to try.


Excited to try: Anastasia Gel Liner in Midnight I LOVE their eyebrow pencil so I’m super pumped to try their eyeliner.


These PJs are so soft! I needed some classic jammies for running around chasing the kiddos and these are perfect for summer!


Boon Grass dryer – we had one from when we had Kenzie but now we need two: SO MANY BOTTLES AND SIPPY CUPS


Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush – Other bloggers SWEAR by this brush and it was on sale and triple points. So sue me lol


Boon Bath mat – Kenz is too big for her tub but I don’t love the bath mat we have so I got a new one thats more sanitary and it hangs on the shoer head to dry. brilliant.


I showcased this super cute Free People top in my Flat lay yesterday but I really love it! cozy, flowy, and a beautiful color. BUT SIZE DOWN.


Lastly, I bought Kensington this Doll when they restocked this week and its GORGEOUS. They let you select the hair color, style, outfit, shoes, and bow. Then you can mix and match over time. Check these girls out – their shop is so cute! ORANGE BLOSSOM DOLLIES



WIMCW: Mother’s Day Gift Haul Edition

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and me becoming a mother of 2 today, I figured I would collect some of my favorite gift ideas for your mom (or ideas for your husband).


Nespresso Machine: I love a good Caramel Macchiato and this makes quick espresso. Also, their newest machine steams milk as well.


Drybar Curling Iron: I’ve recently gone back to a curling Iron instead of a wand and I really like it. this 1.25″ is perfect for long lasting curls.


Rose Gold Earbuds: I recently ordered these for myself because they’re on sale 50% off and they’re so cute!!! (Plus they match my phone case)


Cupcake Carrier: My friend Cori has one and I steal it ALL THE TIME. It’s so convenient and something every mom can use. Well…every mom who bakes.


Fitbit Versa: I love mine! I plan on doing a whole review in a few weeks but it has all of the best parts of the apple watch but with a WAY better battery life. And its $30 off for Mother’s Day!


David Yurman Bracelet: Is there anything more classy? If you’re looking to really spoil mama this timeless piece is gorgeous!


Ugg Bathrobe: Okay stay with me. I bought an Ugg Poncho at the NAS last year, and then proceeded to get this robe. Because come on. OMG YES SOFTNESS.


PranaMat: Last but not least something on my own list. This acupuncture mat is supposed to be INCREDIBLE. I haven’t tried it myself but I want to.

None of these products are sponsored – they are all really just great things I would love for Mother’s Day and think other moms would too. That being said, they are through Shop Style Collective if you buy through my link.

Happy Mother’s day…in advanced.




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