Prioritizing your health

I get asked all the time how I fit so much into my day: Corporate Job, Fun Job, 2 young kids, working out, cooking, regular chores, maintaining a social life, etc. There is nothing special about me (I’m not a vampire who doesn’t need sleep or food, I don’t have a time turner to fit more into 24 hours) but I do have some tips to help you prioritize that which is important to you. Don’t worry if your priorities are different than mine, the same general rules apply.

  1. Figure out what is important to you. What are your “life conditions”? For me its Time with my family (including healthy meals), exercise, and earning a living. Everything else is secondary.
  2. Prioritize what is important to you. This is where most people struggle – they think “I want to workout” but then don’t. My husband is a prime example of this (when it comes to working out). Some things I do is I make a personal contract with myself. If I tell myself I’m going to workout at 5 am tomorrow (gah the early exercise regime) – I put it in my phone, I write it in my planner, and I set an alarm. When my alarm goes off, and I undoubtedly don’t want to get up, I remember my contract. If I had promised a friend I would workout with them would I flake? No. So why would a promise to myself mean any less? If you decide you’re going to do something, enter a contract with yourself that you won’t break. Once you do your mentality will totally change (at least mine did). 327C67B1-5BD9-4375-AFE3-CC11DE8E91A5
  3. Make a planner. I don’t care if it is digital (I use Awesome Note), on paper (see my post on Bullet Journaling), or a combination of both (which is what I do), but “write” it down. I have a task that pops up on my phone daily at 6 am called daily routine which includes: Wake up by 6, Brush & floss teeth, Cardio workout, Yoga/stretch, Make Bed, Wash face, Make coffee, Make protein shake for family breakfast. Every day I shoot to check all of the boxes (don’t get me wrong some days I don’t do cardio and I do it later in the day or I skip yoga). It really helps set intention for my day. image
  4. Meditate. Anyone who knows me will tell you my mind runs at 1000 miles per hour. It never stops. I always thought meditation was impossible for me, but once I really committed (i use the headspace app) I found that it made me much more in tune with my mental and physical states and helped me to relax more generally.
  5. Set your goals. I always set goals in 4 categories: Career, Family, Health, and Personal. I try to do it annually and check it quarterly. Make sure they are attainable and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Examples: Career = Get a positive mid year rating and complete “X” project on time. Family = Get child in Swim lessons and do dinner at the table with not TV 4 times per week. Health = Fit into size 4 jeans and be able to do 20 pushups. Personal = Meditate 4 times per week and stretch to touch your toes. NOTE* when it comes go health goals I strongly encourage you to make them about something other than weight. Make them size or strength or food related. Weight is arbitrary – I could care less what i weigh if I fit into my clothes well and feel sexy.
  6. Lastly, put yourself first. Yes your spouse is important, yes your kids are important, yes your friends are important, but if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of them. When Mama is happy everyone is happy.



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Bullet Journaling 101

Anyone who knows me knows: I am Type A. I have some very minor OCD. I LOVE lists. I make lists about what lists I need. Did I mention the lists thing?

When I got into Bullet Journaling a year ago all I could think was “Where have you been all my life”. Next Wednesday 1-31-2018 I’m going to be hosting a free Introduction to Bullet Journaling at the Barre Code in Plano, TX. I’m really excited to spread the word and get more women organized and tracking!!

So what’s “Bujo”?

  • Bullet Journaling was started by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer in New York, who after years of struggling with multiple notebooks and planners, and through trial and error, developed a long lasting approach to journaling that helps organize thoughts, events, and to dos.
  • The “Gist” – The basis of Bullet Journaling is actually incredibly simple. Using a universal “key” each page could be used in a list/time format to help organize thoughts, to do lists, events, and notes.
  • The “Now” – nowadays Bujo is incredibly trendy with hundreds of bloggers publishing “Templates” you can copy and artistic variations on the original concept

What supplies do I need?

  • Journal – I prefer the dotted hardcover Leuchtturm 1917 but you could also use the Moleskin dotted Journal hardcover or any similar dotted page, hardcover, journal. I prefer hardcover as a paperback might get ripped/torn as you carry it place to place.
  • Ruler/Straight edge
  • I also like to use stencils so I bought some of Amazon that are 2 in 1
  • Pencil
  • Pens – I use the Staedtler triplus fineliner Pens and Tombow dual tip pens but any pen that wont bleed through that you like is perfect!
  • Decorations – this is totally OPTIONAL. The Bujo is an expression of your personality so feel free to use stamps, stencils, watercolors, washi tape, etc. to make it feel fun and vibrant!

What kinds of things should/can I track?

  • Finances
  • Daily Routine
  • Weightloss
  • Inches Lost
  • Quotes/Motivation
  • Home Improvement
  • Breastfeeding
  • Movies watched/books read
  • TV Series
  • Birthdays
  • Gift/Holiday Lists
  • Workout/Meal Planner

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start getting into it all. I spend DAYS setting up my planner at the start of each year. Some trackers I keep, some I get rid of. Just depends on how it worked for me, but right now my favorites are:

  • Books Read/Reading List
  • I also do DNFs for books
  • Movies Watched
  • Inches/Weight Tracker

And my Must Haves:

  • Index
  • Key
  • Future Log
  • Monthly View & Habit Tracker
  • Weekly View

What is SO great for me is that as I think of things, or hit projects at work, or need to brainstorm, I just flip the page – title it, add it to my index, and go crazy. Then when it’s time to do my next weekly/monthly page I just pick back up where I left off and…you guessed it…add it to my index. It’s such a great way to stay on top of things. To help you get started I’ve made a list of good resources for you to get started:

  • Pinterest! I can’t tell you how many different views and ideas I have gotten from Pinterest searches. It is also great to look up fonts/handwriting styles, doodles, borders, etc.
  • Follow me on IG: @Barre.mama
  • Beautiful Instagram Accounts:
    • LittleCoffeeFox
    • Bumblebujo
    • lifebywhitney
    • Boho.berry
    • Bujo.blossoms
    • Prettyprintsandpaper
    • ProductiveandPretty
    • PerfectPlanner
    • Bluenittany
    • #Bujo

Hope this gets you started!

XOXO Kendall

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