NSale Restock

For all my non-card holders and people who just want to keep shopping – here are some of my FAVORITE items from the sale this year that are still in stock or have been restocked. This is awesome because at this point I’ve shopped multiple times, tried everything on, and have seen the other bloggers favorites too. Happy shopping!

Cute Botton Down top – adorable tied too!

Gorgeous Quilted Rain Boots

Love this slouchy Tunic

Fab Peep Toe Sandals

My new Fave Sunnies

This cardigan. In every color. Size Down

Such a fun flirty dress

Who doesn’t need a cute pair of over the knee tan suede boots

Comfiest Pajamas Ever

Solid pair of black jeans

Slouchy henley – looks cute tied up too

Suede Wedge Sneakers

Suede moto jacket – comes in 3 colors

Oversized sweater – so comfy

Love the appliqués on this Ted Baker Sweater (also comes in Green)

Varsity Sweater
Amazing lounging top

Love this half bootie half sandal

Leather Wedge Sneakers

Solid Pair of White Jeans




NSale Try On Session

Here are some of my Favorites from the NSale 2018! Click a Photo to shop that Item!

IMG_9666 2
So Many Cute tennis Shoes

Lavender Trench…

Not on Sale but Love this GMG Dress

Perforated Tennis Shoes are so in!

This Madewell dress is awesome

The best Cardi

Hunter Boots

Flowers and Sunshine

Love this Henley – comes in 5 colors & Jeans

Black wedge tennis shoes are my jam

Going out little black dress

Cute Summer/Fall dress

Hunter Boots

Suede Jacket in Grey

Also a link HERE for the olive green I bought

Drop Waist flower dress – Size Down

Jo Malone

Cashmere Mist

Cross Body Bags

Tory Burch Bag

Chunky Heels


Living Proof Shampoo/Conditioner

Slouchy booties in four colors

Tory Burch Flats

Wedge Tennis shoes

Chelsea Boots

IMG_0745 2
Pink Leather moto jacket & jeans

Chelsea Boots

HouseWife Dress

Rail Pajamas


Love this top and jeans

Cute Embroidered Sweater & jeans

Comfy Nordy’s PJs

Kate Spade Shades!

Love this colorful luggage

Fun Moto Jacket with removable hoodie with this awesome button down tee

Slouchy sweater – sized up to make it extra baggy

OMG thee colors – my new fave sweater & Jeans

I love all shirts that tie – so flattering & Jeans



Favorite MakeUp Products & How To

New video is up – a recap of my favorite daily-use make up products as well as how I apply them for a natural day-to-day look.


Shop all the products in my video HERE

How To: Hair Curling Tutorial

People have been asking me how I curl my hair and what products I use to get it so long. Despite my fear (and general dislike) of being on camera I went ahead this morning and filmed my whole how to. You can watch it on my new YouTube Channel:

Here are the products I used in the video and the tags to each of them:


Its a 10 Leave in Conditioner

Skinny Serum

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum

Hot TOddy

DryBar Hot Toddy


Dyson Hair Dryer

Wet Brush

Wet Brush

Curling Iron

DryBar Curling Iron



Favorite Lipsticks

I love a good lipstick. I always feel naked if I’m not wearing one (i’ve eve been made fun of for showing up to 6am Barre with no makeup but lipstick on lol). And of course, needless to say, I have a bit of an addiction trying out new ones. So today I’m sharing my favorite brands, colors, and uses for my lipstick collection.


Fresh Sugar tinted lip balm in “Petal”. I wear this all day every day. It’s hydrating, not super thick or extreme, and gives a really pretty color. It’s super hydrating but word of warning not very long lasting.

RMS Lipstick

RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick in “Brain Teaser”. This is a super pretty natural shade, and if you haven’t heard me brag on RMS Beauty and their all natural ingredients…well…I like them a lot. And their ingredients. and this super thick long lasting lipstick. Yeah.

CT Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in “Hepburn Honey”.  I like this color a lot. Its a smidge bolder than the Brain teaser and really great for a night out without being dramatic.


Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Creme Lip Stain in “Rose Mix”. This is an awesome lip stain that goes on more like a really thick gloss. It lasts a long time and comes in SO MANY cool colors. It feels really velvety and expensive on too. Just Saying.



Shop it all HERE

All Natural Beauty Products

Ladies!! I wanted to talk today about my favorite All Natural beauty products. When I had Kensington I got a lot more into health and reading about the effects of different things on the body. I had been into fitness for a few years (even did a bikini competition a while ago) and had “Eaten healthy” but had never done a ton of research into the effects of different foods/products on the body until I was trying to figure out what to feed/use with Kenz. Basically what I learned shocked me (but I won’t terrorize you or push my holistic beliefs).

Surprisingly a HUGE issue for skin (mine is SUPREMELY sensitive) is all of the paragons/sulfates/phthalate/toxins they put in makeups & skin care products. So lately I’ve been opting for all natural, vegan, & cruelty free products and it’s made a world of difference for me. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite products/brands with you guys.

First off, I LOVE Savor Beauty products. They recently started carrying them at Nordstrom and they are amazing! Inspired by the Korean skincare regimen, its an all natural line that is SO good for your skin. I use steps 0-3 (I can’t use creams on my face because they make me breakout so I don’t use #4) and love them all.


Second, RMS Beauty & Jane Iredale – both lines are all natural and surprisingly amazing. Un-Cover Up by RMS beauty & their lipstick are both thick enough to provide good coverage, hydrating, and really nice. Probably my favorite concealer of all time. Jane Iredale’s Glow BB Cream is nice and thick without feeling oily, provides good coverage, and comes in a ton of shades to match your skin. Finding the right color can be a chore but its so nice once you do!


Lastly, I love this Beauty by Earth Self Tanner. Its organic, smells nice, and I haven’t had any issues with streaky-ness. Its also a really natural looking color.

You can shop all these products & my robe HERE




Post Partum Recovery & Exercise

I’ve written before about how exercise and working out are my “Stress relievers”, which makes post part 4-6 weeks of recovery TORTURE. I understand the importance of taking it easy and giving yourself time to heal (If you had a C-Section this is EVEN MORE important. I’ve been lucky to have natural births with no complications both times so my recovery was much less intense.) but it’s so hard for me when I need that stress relief. I figured today would be a good time to talk about what exercise I DO during the 4-6 week recovery period, what I don’t, and my mental struggles during this time. I’m sure you other mamas can relate.

Exercises I DO:

  • Upper Body – lucky my arms didn’t have a baby SO I get to do some upper body work. I have been doing Peloton & Barre 10 min upper body workouts with 3 pounds weighs. Nothing super heavy (since that can strain your back/core which ARE recovering) but a lot of holds, small intense movements like pulses, and some core stabilization work.
  • Lower Body – Traditional Barre moves like Pencil, Open Pencil, and Narrow V are SUPER intense in your quads, but actually protect your back from intense support (as long as you tuck) and engage your core minimally for stabilization. I’ve been doing 12 min of legs (4 min of each position with 8 moves in the series) to work my Quads/Calves/Glutes without stressing my back or increasing my heart rate too much. I am avoiding intense stabilization moves like lunges or squats for now.
  • Core – This round I had Diastasis Recti so I’ve been doing stabilization and minimal engagement core moves to help repair the damage. Some of my favorites are: Heel Taps, Bird Dogs, Incline Plank, Side Plank Holds/Pulses, and Glute Bridges (gets you a little more glue action too).
  •  Cardio – Long walks. This is Texas. It’s hot & sweaty outside. Walking is a good way to get some sun, shed some water weight, and getting a bit of cardio/leg work. Try pushing a double stroller the whole time and find a path with elevation changes. It’s a great low intensity workout.

Exercises I avoid:

  • Upper – Anything with Heavy weight that can put you off balance (since your center of gravity is readjusting) or stress your back (like standing Heavy curls, overhead press, or Back Flys).
  • Lower – Cardio or Back intensive moves like Squats, Lunges/Jump Lunges, Anything with added weight, or Deadlifts.
  • Core – crunches/Sit Ups – DO NOT DO CRUNCHES DURING YOUR RECOVERY PERIOD! Same with any Oblique twists/russian twists. This can exacerbate Diastasis Recti or even cause it during post part recovery. Wait until you’re fully cleared for activity before you start these moves.
  •  Cardio – Intense Cycling or Running. I’m waiting until my bleeding stops for these.

Right now I am SO TEMPTED to go take a barre class but Im worried about pushing myself too soon. I would also love to cycle or go for a jog but I don’t want to push myself too hard too fast and extend my recovery period. I’ve also been wearing a recovery girdle 1-2 hours a day to help my uterus shrink back down a bit faster, and breastfeeding to help lose weight/burn calories and shrink my Uterus. Breastfeeding and exercising is tough but it’s been so much easier this time with my Mama Sports Bra. It unclips for easy access, provides a ton of support, and is WAY more comfortable than my other nursing bras. I ended up buying a second one lOL.


Does anyone else struggle with taking 4 week off working out? It’s especially hard because I can see the loose skin/fat on my low belly/inner thighs and I want it gone asap. After you have a baby you expect your body to go back to how it was even though logically you know it takes time, I don’t want to wait 12 months for all my organs to get back in the right spot and lose the weight even though logically I know I have to. Patience is HARD during post part recovery. You’re not alone. It takes time.

Pink Fly-Kendall-98

For me, I also want to feel sexy for my husband. I’ve been pregnant and huge and feeling gross for 9 months. Now I can get back to confidence, and strength, and…yes…sexiness and I want to as quickly as possible. My husband is wonderful at reinforcing my self-esteem with compliments (even when I feel like a busted can of biscuits), but internally I want to get back to where I feel my best. But it’s all a journey, it takes time, and you can’t rush it. So if any other Mamas out there are feeling frustrated – It’s not just you. Take your time, be healthy, and it will come.



Shop my looks HERE

Nursing Sports Bra HERE

Flower Leggings HERE

Milksnob stroller cover HERE

Whats in My Cart Wednesday

It’s WEDNESDAY!! This week was a bit of a shopping week for me (too much down time while pumping and in the hospital LOL). So I’m sharing a few things I got for myself, a few things I got for the kids, and some things I’m excited to try.


Excited to try: Anastasia Gel Liner in Midnight I LOVE their eyebrow pencil so I’m super pumped to try their eyeliner.


These PJs are so soft! I needed some classic jammies for running around chasing the kiddos and these are perfect for summer!


Boon Grass dryer – we had one from when we had Kenzie but now we need two: SO MANY BOTTLES AND SIPPY CUPS


Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush – Other bloggers SWEAR by this brush and it was on sale and triple points. So sue me lol


Boon Bath mat – Kenz is too big for her tub but I don’t love the bath mat we have so I got a new one thats more sanitary and it hangs on the shoer head to dry. brilliant.


I showcased this super cute Free People top in my Flat lay yesterday but I really love it! cozy, flowy, and a beautiful color. BUT SIZE DOWN.


Lastly, I bought Kensington this Doll when they restocked this week and its GORGEOUS. They let you select the hair color, style, outfit, shoes, and bow. Then you can mix and match over time. Check these girls out – their shop is so cute! ORANGE BLOSSOM DOLLIES



Mom Approved Quick & Easy Hairstyles

Having a baby coincided with me retraining my hair to only need a good washing once a week. I’m assuming many moms feel this way. And there are days (more than there are not) where you don’t have time or want to put in the effort to really style your hair. So here are some quick mom approved hairstyles I’ve found to be my favorite over the last year and even more so in the last week.

Pink Fly-Kendall-26

This is one of my go-tos especially if I’m working out a bunch. It’s great because it keeps ALL the little baby “mom bangs” (what I cal the new hair that grows in while you’re pregnant or on prenatal) out of my face and contained. Steps:

  1. Part hair all the way down the back into two sections
  2. Starting near the part on the first side select a small section close to the center and begin your braid
  3. As you progress use the french braid hairstyle (gathering additional hair each time a piece moves to the outside – see a good tutorial HERE) until all hair on the first side is in your braid pieces
  4. Finish the braid, tie elastic, and then gently pull braid apart to give it more fullness (I have SUPER thin hair so mine always look tiny)
  5. Repeat on the second side – I usually pull out a few pieces to give it a messy look if it’s for running errands or leave them tucked away if its for a workout

Pink Fly-Kendall-31

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE quick up-do. I wear it when I run errands, when I workout, when I have formal events, to work, the list goes on. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it. Steps:

  1. Side part hair to preferred side
  2. Similar to the pigtail braids above – select a small section of hair close to the part on the “larger” side. Begin braiding and pulling in additional hair french braid style as you progress. DO NOT put the full side of hair into the braid – try to keep it close to your face about 2-3″ wide
  3. Once the braid is done secure with elastic
  4. Pull remaining hair back into ponytail at the base of the neck and tuck in the braid
  5. Twist hair into a spiral around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins making a low bun at the base of the neck. VOILA!

Pink Fly-Kendall-18

Lastly, my signature pony. I love a good high pony (blame it on the years as a cheerleader) but there are a few tricks to the perfect pony. Steps:

  1. I like to pull out a few pieces around my face before beginning
  2. Pull remaining hair into a high pony tail (I like to flip my head over and collect all the hair near the top of my head)
  3. Pull out 1 small piece at the back near the neck (should be one of your longest pieces of hair)
  4. Tie remaining hair with a hair tie and tighten (I like to pull the hair on the top of my head out a little for more volume/poof but thats a personal preference)
  5. Wrap small piece of hair around base of ponytail to hide the hair tie and secure with bobby pin
  6. MOST IMPORTANT HACK – take an additional bobby pin and put it UNDER the ponytail loop side up through the hair tie. It will kind of dig into the tie/scalp and make a “prop” for which the hair can rest on. This will give it MUCH more volume and keep it looking fresh all day instead of falling flat

Hope you guys like these fun looks and try them out. They really are life savers when you’re busy and on the go. Comment below if you try them and let me know what you think.



Shop my look HERE

WIMCW: Mother’s Day Gift Haul Edition

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and me becoming a mother of 2 today, I figured I would collect some of my favorite gift ideas for your mom (or ideas for your husband).


Nespresso Machine: I love a good Caramel Macchiato and this makes quick espresso. Also, their newest machine steams milk as well.


Drybar Curling Iron: I’ve recently gone back to a curling Iron instead of a wand and I really like it. this 1.25″ is perfect for long lasting curls.


Rose Gold Earbuds: I recently ordered these for myself because they’re on sale 50% off and they’re so cute!!! (Plus they match my phone case)


Cupcake Carrier: My friend Cori has one and I steal it ALL THE TIME. It’s so convenient and something every mom can use. Well…every mom who bakes.


Fitbit Versa: I love mine! I plan on doing a whole review in a few weeks but it has all of the best parts of the apple watch but with a WAY better battery life. And its $30 off for Mother’s Day!


David Yurman Bracelet: Is there anything more classy? If you’re looking to really spoil mama this timeless piece is gorgeous!


Ugg Bathrobe: Okay stay with me. I bought an Ugg Poncho at the NAS last year, and then proceeded to get this robe. Because come on. OMG YES SOFTNESS.


PranaMat: Last but not least something on my own list. This acupuncture mat is supposed to be INCREDIBLE. I haven’t tried it myself but I want to.

None of these products are sponsored – they are all really just great things I would love for Mother’s Day and think other moms would too. That being said, they are through Shop Style Collective if you buy through my link.

Happy Mother’s day…in advanced.




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