National Best Friend Day – Friday 5

Hi I’m Cori, Kendall’s Bestie! In honor of National Best Friend Day I am sharing 5 facts about our Friendship!  

  1. We met when we worked at a fitness club in college, I worked the front desk & Kendall was on the aquatics team. She didn’t like me at first (silly 19 year old girl things, we got over it) Our friendship was cemented when I bought her a shot glass while I was on a trip in Florida. 
  1. We also bonded over our love of all things Harry Potter, we have seen 5 of the 8 movies together (at midnight). For Kendall’s 24th Birthday we went to Harry Potter world. All our Harry Potter Dreams came true! It is seriously the most amazing place, and I know we are both dying to go back!
  1. I called that Kendall would marry her husband David the day she met him. When they first met David made a joke about how stubborn Kendall was, it did not go over well and she came into my job at the time huffing and puffing about how she could not believe that this guy would make that kind of joke! When she calmed down the only response I had was “So you’re going to marry him then right?” 
  1. Kendall & I are complete opposites. I think it confuses some people on how we get along so well but we are the true definition of opposites attract. I am very much an introvert until you get to know me, I like my alone time and large groups can easily overwhelm me. Kendall on the other hand thrives in large groups and loves meeting new people, she will tell you her life story and not think twice about it. I like to joke that the way an introvert makes friends is that they get adopted by an extrovert, and Kendall is 100% my extrovert! She has also pushed me to be more outgoing so yay for that!
  1. I found out about both of Kendall’s pregnancies in a restaurant, with her 1st I thought she was mad at me because she hadn’t talked to me in like 4 days, when in reality she was afraid she would tell me, and it was very early on. So when we went to lunch and she told me while we were standing in line, I cried and made a scene in the middle of the restaurant. With her 2nd I randomly asked her, jokingly might I add if she was pregnant while we were at lunch and she got this deer in the headlights look and goes “how did you know?!?!”. 

I feel so lucky to have meet Kendall and the fact that we have been friends for so long! Happy National Best Friends Day!!! 


Author: Littles & Lattes

My name is Kendall Berg, I am 25 years old and I am married to an incredible man named David. We currently live in Dallas, Texas with our 10 mo baby girl, 2 large dogs & 1 trouble-making Cat. ​ I have always loved fashion, fitness, and all the pretty hair and makeup styles I find on Pinterest so that is what this blog is all about! I share with you guys my personal style, my family's lifestyle, beauty tips, and my personal fitness tips as well! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!!

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